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The Pros and Cons to a Semester Entirely Online

When I registered for classes for the fall back before COVID-19 blew up, I had scheduled 2 online classes and 3 in-person ones. Once classes started and things were online at the start of the semester, I decided to switch things up. I am now only taking 4 classes, but they are all online the entire semester. 


Here are the pro’s for doing a semester entirely online: 

1. I can work from anywhere

I have the flexibility to choose my workspace, whether it’s at home at my apartment or home at my parent’s. I can even choose whether to do my work at a coffee shop or sitting in Marion Square!

2. I have more time to feel like I am living life

Because I have no specific time commitments outside my assignment due dates, during the day I am free to do other things as I am able. I am living for the spontaneous beach and Taco Bell trips with my friends! I’m able to do “real life” things like grocery shopping and getting a haircut at a normal time of the day, where last year I was going to Walmart after midnight since that was when I had the time to.  

3. I can choose who I want to be around

I am able to decide who I want to surround myself with and keep to a smaller group of constant people, rather than being exposed to many different people in in-person classes. This way I a) just don’t have to be social when I don’t want to be and b) I can avoid the germs and stay safe from COVID-19 as well as other nasties!! 


Here are the con’s for doing a semester entirely online: 

  1. Having to track down my assignments 

Each professor uses a different layout and systems for their classes. It is difficult to keep up with different programs and remember all the different due dates. Normally professors remind you of things in class and assignments are due on the days of class, but being online, I have things due all days of the week (including weekends). 

    2. Less opportunity to meet new people 

While I do enjoy my small group of friends, not going to in-person classes severely limits my ability to meet new people. Especially since clubs are not meeting in person and I don’t have a dining plan, so I am not going to the dining hall either. 

    3. Lack of structure to my day, nothing to hold me accountable

This is the biggest con. Where for, in-person classes, you are forced to be somewhere at a certain time and have a set schedule, online classes lack this. Yes, I have the freedom to set my own schedule. However, I find myself pushing work to the last minute in exchange for “fun” activities. I also don’t have any sort of routine, so my sleep schedule is non-existent, and I have had some super unproductive days. 


So far, I think the pros outweigh the cons, but we will see as the semester goes on. Hopefully, the spring semester is normal! I hope everyone has a safe fall semester, no matter which format you have opted for.  

Hello! Ashlyn is a sophomore at the College of Charleston majoring in Marketing! She enjoys working out, taking pictures, laughing with her best friends, baking, and travelling. She's from Seneca, SC, but is so happy to now call Charleston home! Is there something you are curious about or woud like her to write about? Just want to be friends? Connect with her through Instagram: @ashlyn.fs or by email: [email protected]
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