Podcasts That I Can't Stop Listening To

A couple of weekends ago, my roommate and I decided to take a little road trip. After listening to the same couple of songs for hours, my roommate showed me this podcast called Crime Junkie. As you can imagine, it was a great idea to listen to it on the way home when it was getting dark. Anyway, I haven’t stopped listening since, and I found another great podcast y’all should look at too.

  1. 1. Crime Junkie 

    Crime Junkie is hosted by Ashley Flowers where she examines old criminal cases. I am a huge fan of shows like Criminal Minds and stuff like that. So, of course, I think this is really interesting, too, even though some cases do freak me out a little too much. Not only does she highlight what the criminal did, but she highlights how the police and investigators handled cases. None of the above were great. Out of the episodes I've listened to, “The Butcher Baker of Alaska” and “Ed Kemper” have been by far the craziest. 

  2. 2. Very Presidential 

    Once I found Crime Junkie, I found Very Presidential, which is also created by Ashley Flowers. In Very Presidential, Ashley Flowers tells some stories and fun facts about past presidents that I, at least, was really surprised by. I haven’t gotten as far into this one as Crime Junkie, but the ones on Thomas Jefferson and Grover Cleveland were wild.

I have been obsessed with these podcasts for weeks now. Not only do they make for interesting background noise, but now I know a ton of random facts that I will never need. So, that’s always a plus. I've really enjoyed these, and if you're interested in stuff like this too, I hope you enjoy them!