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The Perfect Influencer for Your Style

Are you obsessed with influencers? Same girl, same. Even if you are not, you are about to be because influencers are taking over social media. They’ve figured out how to turn sharing their advice on fashion, beauty, workout routines and more, into full-time jobs. Not just a mediocre job (like our college jobs), but million-dollar jobs. I put together a list of influencers with all different kinds of style, so one is bound to be perfect for you!

Courtney Shields


Are you the girl that wears leggings everywhere? Jeans occasionally? Boyfriend jeans obviously. Courtney Shields is your new fashion icon then. This hot mama absolutely kills the fashion game. She rocks leggings, a tie-dye hoodie, a beanie, and some golden goose sneakers on the daily. Some days she’ll switch it up and wear a graphic tee, boyfriend jeans, and an oversized jacket. Either way, I love it! Also, she’s raved about for knowing how to do everything beauty-related. Her makeup game is always on fleek. Talk about goals!

Emily Harren


Are you a basic as hell, but always looking cute? Meet Emily! I have been following Emily for years and love her outfits because I’m pretty basic too. She is rocking the sweater dress with knee-high boots and a huge headband just about every day during the winter. Don’t lie to yourself, you love those headbands too.

Danielle Bernstein


Let me just say…Queen. Danielle brings fashion to another level. She is the trendiest influencer that I follow and know of. Do you love denim or swimsuits? Meet your match made in heaven. Danielle has her own clothing company that consists of swimwear, overalls, and more. Also, she has her own collection with Joe’s Jeans, so do I need to say anymore? Oh yeah one more time: Yes Queen.

Lindsi Lane Watts


If I could choose to meet one girl, it would be Lindsi. Her style is like OMG. Animal prints, sequins, and rainbows equal Lindsi. She is so over the top in the absolute best way. Her style is “I don’t care, I just want to shine”. I just came up with that, she might disagree, but I highly doubt it. Also, are you totally into being sexy and owning it? Lindsi came out with a lingerie collection with Hanky Panky that is to die for. She mixed lace with silk and all different prints. Brb adding to cart!

Amber Fillerup Clark


Are you in love with brands like Anthropologie and Free People? Neutrals and baggy clothing? Amber looks like she is straight off the cover of a Free People magazine. Her style is minimalist with pops of color here and there. She is usually wearing huge flowy pants paired with a gorgeous top or sweater. She travels year-round, so her style is both summer and winter all year long.

These influencers are my personal favorite. I think they offer various styles in their own unique ways. I hope one of them fits your style!

Hey, my name is Molly! I am a Senior at the College of Charleston and am majoring in English. I am from Saratoga Springs, NY, but absolutely love the warm weather here! I spend most of my time nannying or reading Betches.
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