The One Where the Friends Cast Went to the College of Charleston

Have you ever wondered what the cast of one of everyone's favorite shows would be doing if they went to the College of Charleston? We definitely did. 

Here's what the cast would be doing if they too were a Cougar!


Ross would be admiring the dinosaur fossils in the Science building or working as a Teaching Assistant in the Geology department, and trying to swoon the ladies with his dinosaur facts of course.


Rachel would be living in the sorority house and shopping her way down King Street when she's not working at Black Tap Coffee Shop or hugging on her fraternity boyfriend.


Monica would be satisfying her sweet tooth at Kaminksy’s or deep cleaning her apartment. She definitely would not be one to live in the dorms after her first year.


Chandler would be watching Baywatch in his Campus Center apartment and attempting to pick a major in his third year.


Phoebe would be protesting on Calhoun Street and up to her usual antics of course, especially with her alter-ego Regina Phalange.


Joey would be romancing all the girls in Charleston , unless he was buying all the pizza he could eat at Sabatino’s or Bobby Fries from Kickin Chicken.

The Friends gang would definitely fit in at College of Charleston. No doubt about it!