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If you’re a person with a vagina, you might be familiar with the fact that she can be…finicky at times. And we all know there’s a fair share of “hygienic” products pushed on us to make us feel sexy, desirable, and even fruity (!), which are, of course, messages used to capitalize off of our insecurities, which in turn further promote the idea that we should feel “dirty” about our bodies. I’m talking those scented products, wipes, and sprays you see lining the shelves that I admit I’ve stopped in front of and wondered about. On top of this, many popular at-home products such as Vagisil and Monostatoften barely work and can cause further irritation. When women’s sexual health is stigmatized like this, it can be really difficult to try to get help when something feels “off,” and it can take a pretty heavy toll on our mental health. So, in an effort to avoid more doctors, I tried everything. 

In this process, I found a product that has really changed my life. But being an advocate for the de-stigmatization of vaginal health and women’s sexual health in general, I do want to stress that if you feel there’s an issue, I encourage you to contact your physician first just to make sure it’s not something you need a medical opinion and/or prescription to cure. This product is simply something I used to help me when I felt that I didn’t want to go through the (sadly, often embarrassing) experience of seeing a doctor again and felt that bombarding my body with antibiotics wasn’t good for my overall health. It wasn’t keeping away the pH imbalance I’d usually have after some of my periods. Our bodies keep a delicate balance, and as I’ve learned, it is completely normal that the balance may get thrown off a bit. It happens to many women! 

Without further ado, I introduce you to boric acid. It’s “for the woman who’s tried it all,” a completely natural suppository (meaning, please don’t swallow it!) that is FDA certified, recommended by doctors, cheap, and really easy to use. Here’s the link to it. 

I hope my experiences provide a shortcut in your own journey to self-love and confidence, and I wish you the best of luck. 

Cora Schipa

C of C '22

Cora is a student at College of Charleston graduating in Spring 2022, studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing and Sociology. She's found joy in being around the people she loves and meeting new people, as well as the outdoors, food, thrifting, good music, traveling, art, and poetry, and believes there's immense power in a connected community of women! Follow her on Instagram @cora.christa.
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