No, You Cannot Have My Hair Tie

Growing up with a sister has prepared me to protect what matters most - hair ties. They have as many characteristics as a person and enough time spent with one can lead to a strong bond. Every girl knows that struggle of wearing a hair tie that’s brand new: it cuts off your circulation, it pulls at your hair, and it could be unreliable. Let me explain.

            Have you ever slept on your arm the wrong way and it continues to hurt you the rest of the day, never allowing you to forget it’s presence? This is what it’s like when a hair tie is too tight on your wrist, it leaves a huge indent where it’s cutting off your circulation and you go throughout your day remembering the old hair tie you took for granted that fit your wrist perfectly. I've always put new hair ties around candles or cups to stretch them out before use, but even that sometimes isn't enough to make them comfortable. We’ve all been there don’t you worry, you’re not alone.

            Have you ever had a headache that feels like an EDM concert is taking place in your head, constantly pulsing with little signs of ending? This is what it is like when a hair tie is too tight in your hair, pulling at every hair as if the hair tie is winning some tug of war match with your head. The question of whether or not to loop the hair tie one more time and have it too tight, or to not loop it and have your ponytail fall out after a couple minutes has no right answer. This is like asking why the sayings fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing, no one can say. The best hair ties are the ones you know will keep the hair up while also staying comfortable, and once you find one its your responsibility and honor to hold onto it as long as you can. 

            Lastly, have you ever experienced the beginning of the end of a trusty hair tie? It's the sad day you see the elastic under the material of the hair tie. Somehow it has lasted with you long enough to start falling apart. It’s been a trusty hair tie to have lasted that long for you to witness the fraying. A new hair tie hasn’t proven itself worthy, it could snap the first time it’s ever used. It's the little things in life we forget to cherish until they are gone. 

            Through thick hair ties and thin hair ties we rely on them more than we’ll ever know. All I know is I’m thankful scrunchies are making a comeback.

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