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No More Paris for Kim K

Traveling with $10 million worth of bling is always a struggle. Not to mention doing it with a private jet, personal body guard and the secretly located apartment in the most desirable city, Paris. Oh wait, none of us have that. But Kim Kardashian does! 

Even if you’re not a Kardashian fan you are probably aware of the recent robbery that took place at Kim’s hotel in Paris. Sources claim that about $10 million worth of jewelry was stolen; one piece being her $4 million engagement ring from husband Kanye West. In case you are still confused here’s the run down. 

Kim was staying at an all exclusive top secret hotel “apartment” location with no direct address. Her body guard was supposedly escorting Kourtney and Kendall to L’Arc Nightclub; leaving Kim alone in her bedroom. When five men with heavy accents but still speaking English appeared wearing ski masks and police jackets. No one knows how they entered but they fled scene on bikes. 

Kim was casually chilling on her bed with just a bathrobe (because that’s what I do when I’m in a multi-million dollar apartment in Paris) when suddenly the armed men intruded. They zip tied her hands and started carrying her into the bathroom. From there supposedly she was begging for them to spare her life. Kim wasn’t sure if they were going to sexually assault or murder her. Probably after a good solid minute of hearing Kim cry and scream that’s when they realized enough is enough and decided to gag her. From there they locked her in the bathroom and stole the valuables.

After a few short hours and a police report filed Kim jumped on her private plane and met Kanye in New Jersey; after he cut his concert short for a family emergency. Kim has been silent since the robbery and no comments have been made. If this robbery was real, it is scary and sad that a human has to feel so violated and scared in their own home because no one deserves to have to experience an invasion like that. 

However, some are asking what if the robbery was fake? Let’s break it down… Why would Kim be left alone in a foreign country without security? Why is there no surveillance video of the masked men? How would these men know how to sneak in a high security loft and know exactly where Kim was located? The fact Kanye is bankrupt and the jewelry does have insurance does add value to the idea that maybe this is a ploy just to collect the insurance money. 

Let’s be real would it really shock us if the Kardashian’s pulled a stunt just to gain more money and publicity. Let’s not forget Kim is famous for ultimately making a sex tape. I mean hey, kudos to her for making herself worth millions. But, if this is indeed a scam would it really change her status, or would it just increase it? Either why robbery or no robbery she is still gaining attention, which is what the Kardashian’s are known for. 

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