A Night Out at CofC as told by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

It’s finally Friday, and you’re ready for a night on the town after a long week of classes

After putting some serious thought in to your outfit for the evening, you’re ready to go!

The night is young, so you head to a pre game party across town


A frat guy greets you at the door when you arrive, and hands you a red solo cup


Soon you start to feel the effects of the evening taking over…


So you ask the host of the party for a glass of water, but instead he brings you a tequila shot

You decide it’s time to leave the pre game party and see what’s happening on King Street


After standing in line for an eternity, the bar bouncer lets you in without paying because he thinks you’re good looking 

You quickly make your way to the bar, and this really great guy sparks up a conversation with you out of nowhere

But you’ve had a lot to drink, words just keep spilling out of your mouth, and before you know it your dream guy tells you he’s going to head to the “bathroom”

A little discouraged, you find your friends to let off some steam on the dance floor

And after one more round, it’s time to head home


But not before stopping to get some quality street food, of course


It’s 2am and you climb in to bed, satisfied with the evening’s events and the good friends you spent it with