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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

As many of our readers know, Her Campus LIVES for girl power, so when I heard about Jewels Inc. at the College, I had to know more. Jewels Incorporated is a new organization at the College of Charleston campus designed to bring strong women together to empower the young girls of our community. Adia Bennon, a sophomore majoring in Public Health with a minor in African American Studies, brought the Jewels to our campus to bridge the gap between CofC and the Charleston community and let me tell you, I’m here for it. 

Jewels Inc. is a program centered around the enrichment of young ladies in urban communities. Their main focus is to change the negative connotation associated with being an urban girl in today’s society through programs that empower and prepare them to be young leaders. The women of Jewels Inc. serve as “big sisters” to young girls in the community to help prepare them for life through once a week workshops that teach a plethora of life lessons such as college prep, character building, resumes, leadership training, etc. Anything that a young girl could need advice on, these ladies are on it. 

So, why here? Why now? Adia Bennon found Jewels Inc. through a life-long friend who became a member of the first Jewels Inc. chapter at Howard University. After hearing her inspiring story of all the amazing work being done in the DC area, Bennon knew that Charleston was more than ready. Bennon knew she wanted to start a chapter of Jewels Inc. not for CofC but for the community, as most students who attend the College of Charleston have no connection to the city. By this she doesn’t mean King Street and the CofC campus, but the heart of Charleston and its youth. She then set her sights on bringing this to life and eventually chartered a Jewels Inc. chapter this past year. Jewels Inc. provides its members with the opportunity to grow through what you go through and share their experiences with a younger generation to show them that you are more than your circumstances. 

Jewels Inc. provides mentorship to young girls of the Charleston community through student outreach which is something this city truly needs. To be able to help these girls, they obviously need some amazing members! The ideal member is responsible, reliable, trustworthy, and eager to give back to the community. They accept members during the fall semester through an interview process. Women interested in learning more are welcomed to an open information session and then given applications. After applying, women will be interviewed to become a member. This helps to ensure that the potential members are fully aware of the commitment they would be making. 

Bennon grew up surrounded by driven, strong-willed women that taught her to be the woman she is today, and Jewels Inc. has given her the opportunity to be the same light in another young girl’s life. This organization stands for so much, not only for our community but the future of women in Charleston. You get out what you put in and these women are putting in some amazing work to help create strong, powerful young ladies preparing to enter their adult life. 

To see firsthand what these ladies are doing, check out their Instagram @charlestonjewelsinc


Hello, my name is Jennie and I am a senior at CofC. I am majoring in English with a concentration in Writing, Rhetoric, and Publication as well as minoring in Women & Gender Studies. I love to spend my time playing with dogs or gardening.