My Mom Tries to Explain Marvel Movies

As Marvel enthusiasts, my dad and I always make my mom go see every new movie with us and she always asks a million questions. So, I’m going to see how well she knows the plot of any of the movies we’ve made her watch.

  1. 1. Infinity War

    “That’s the one with the stones and the arm and they had to get them (sure?). All the gang was together and they had to go after the mean Thanos guy. They had to get the jewels. Doctor Strange has one of the jewels; it’s purple (almost). The red guy in the show you love gets killed (yes!). The little guy disappeared in front of his family (who?). ” 

  2. 2. Endgame

    “That’s the one with fat Thor -- okay, so Hawkeye disappears (no) and he makes Antman and everyone get small to go into the time thingy (kinda?). Scarlett Johannson dies (true). They go into the office building and have a briefcase and Captain America beats himself up (okay, sure, yeah). They say 'Avengers, assemble' then Iron Man dies and Captain America is old (correct).”

  3. 3. Spider-Man: Far From Home

    “Is that the one where they go to Europe? He’s got a crush on that pretty girl, MJ.  None of his friends know he’s Spider-man but the big guy does! Iron Man’s buddy, Favreau, is dating his aunt and he’s always talking to Spider-man and he gets some glasses. Jake Gyllenhaal causes a big flood and Peter gives him the glasses. They stay at a gross hotel. And then Spider-man fixes it all and kisses the girl (pretty solid).” 

  4. 4. Iron Man

    “Entitled brat kid Tony Stark; his dad was an asshole from the army or somewhere and his dad helps him make Stark Industries that makes government weapons. He builds this fancy tower; he thinks he’s so cool. Pepper’s his GF, but she’s his assistant at first! She’s very stylish (she is very stylish). He puts on that thing and he can go all kinds of different places and someone’s mad (Obadiah). OH, he’s a drunk too, isn’t he? (Yes). Favreau’s there too (he is).”

Honestly not too bad, I’d give her a 6.5/10.