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2020 has certainly brought us very new and confusing times. Throughout the year, I have relied on music, both new and old, to help me through it. Here are a few of my favorite albums that are worth a listen! Keep in mind that these picks are based on my personal music taste; we might share many similarities or none at all. Nonetheless, I hope you find something you enjoy!

Circles - Mac Miller

On January 17, Mac Miller's posthumous album was released. The album was produced by Jon Brion, who played a large role in the making of this album due to Mac's absence. Overall, this album is very calm and beautiful, and each of the 12 tracks brings something different.

My favorite track: 'Woods'

Folklore - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift shocked everyone when she announced the release of Folklore only a day in advance. It is a completely different sound compared to the rest of her albums, although some songs, such as 'Betty,' do resemble albums from her earlier days. With fall coming up, this record will fit the vibe perfectly! 

My favorite track: 'August'

Ungodly Hour - Chloe x Halle

Chloe x Halle absolutely made their mark this year. This R&B album is quite relatable for so many young women. Both girls sing with complete honesty about navigating life as a young adult. 

My favorite track(s): 'Forgive Me' and 'Don't Make It Harder On Me'

Kid Krow - Conan Gray

You have probably heard Conan's songs 'Maniac' and 'Heather' from Tik Tok. However, the remaining 10 tracks on Conan's debut album will not disappoint. There is heartbreak, craziness, love, and friendship throughout each song. This album brings it all. 

My favorite track(s): 'Comfort Crowd' and 'The Cut That Always Bleeds'

Heartbreak Weather - Niall Horan

Niall released his second solo album in March of this year. Just as the title implies, the album follows through the different stages of heartbreak. There is a great mix of ballads and upbeat bops here. 

My favorite track: 'Still'

Future Nostalgia - Dua Lipa

If you love good, upbeat music to dance to or blast in the car, this album is perfect. Multiple tracks from this project have dominated radio stations throughout the end of 2019 and the rest of 2020.

My favorite track: 'Levitating'

Three. Two. One. - Lennon Stella

This was Lennon's debut album released back in April. The album focuses a lot on growing up. Lennon went viral years ago after posting a cover on YouTube. Ever since then, she has grown up in the music scene and shows her talent here. 

My favorite track: 'Since I Was A Kid'

Jaguar - Victoria Monét

Although this album is only 25 minutes long, it brings so much to the table. It is a very funky R&B album and includes some beautiful interludes and amazing features, such as Khalid. The visuals in the music videos and cover art are also spectacular. 

My favorite track: 'Moment'

The year is not over, and there are certainly many more albums and releases to look forward to. I have not been able to listen to every recent project, so just because one is not mentioned does not mean it isn't amazing! Music is very special to many of us, and I hope that all of you have found new sounds that comfort you and bring you joy. I certainly have!

Rebecca Magruder is currently a sophomore at C of C and she is undecided on her major. Rebecca is from Atlanta, Georgia and loves to write, listen to music, and watch Mamma Mia all too many times.
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