Mikey Dombrowiecki '19

Name: Mikey Dombrowiecki

Age: 18

Hometown: Ocean Township, New Jersey

Major: Marketing


Mikey on the right with his fraternity brother

What clubs and activities are you involved in around campus?

I'm a tourguide for Charleston 40, I'm a member of Beta Theta Pi, I'm a member of the running club and I also do off-campus yoga 4-5 times a week.

What brought you to CofC?

I liked that it was a melting pot city with all different kinds of people, and I also like that there's always something to do and you're never bored. I also wanted the Southern hospitality and the lifestyle, but I liked how I wouldn't be the only one from the North.

Where are some of your favorite spots around Charleston?

Kickin' Chicken, The battery, Vineyard Vines, Lulu Lemon, and Folly Beach (of course!). 

Favorite celebrity?

Lana Del Rey, she's queen.

Favorite movie?

White Chicks

What is your most recent Netflix addiction?

My go to is Law and Order: SVU, but my most recent addiction is One Tree Hill.

What are you most likely to be seen wearing around campus?

If I'm feeling sporty, my light blue Lulu Lemon shorts with my black Nike running shoes. If I want to look good, then colored khaki pants with a nice Vineyard Vines button up and my blue vest. 


Mikey (middle) at The Battery. 

Relationship status?

Single and ready for a pringle.

What is your ideal date?

If we're trying to be cute I would go to Boone Hall Plantation and go horseback riding, then a nice dinner at Halls Chophouse, and afterwards rooftop drinks somewhere...once I'm 21, of course. 

What qualities do you look for in a significant other?

Definitely sociable and not too quiet, but also very kind hearted and caring for others.