Meet Inaugural Martin Scholar Caroline Coyle, '17

Caroline Coyle has made a name for herself on The College's campus and her involvement spans from Greek life to admissions to being a part of the inagural Martin Scholars program for the department of Communications.  She's doing amazing things on campus and for herself, and we're excited to hear about all she has in store for the rest of her senior year!

Name: Caroline Coyle

Year: Senior

Major: Communication 

Hometown: Greenwood, South Carolina

Megan: What are you involved in on campus?

Caroline: I'm in Phi Mu, I am currently serving on the Executive Committee as new Member Educator. I also served in this same position last year as well. I am also in Charleston Forty, the student tour guide association. I give one tour a week to prospective students and families. I was also selected to be a part of the inaugural Martin Scholars Program, which is a networking and advising group for Communication majors and minors. 

M: Who is someone you've looked up to during your college career?

C: Someone that I look up to is my boss. I work part time at a State Farm Agency in West Ashley. My boss Chelsea is a young business owner and she has been someone that I have looked up to since I started working in her office in January of 2014. She is a young business owner and has really shown me what it means to be a successful business woman in this day and age. She has been a mentor to me and always gives me advice. 

M: What has been your most inspiring moment or memory from being at CofC?

C: My most inspiring moment in college so far has actually been being a part of the Martin Scholar Program. Even though I just became a part of the brand new program, it has really made an impact on my life. All of the other Martin Scholars are so motivated and have such amazing goals for their lives. We just got back from our retreat a couple weeks ago and we spent the whole weekend doing leadership exercises and talking about our plans for after graduation. Being around them has really inspired me to dream bigger and set my aspirations higher.

M: What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

C: My advice for freshmen is actually the same thing I say on all my tours; Wherever you are you get to decide how your life is going to be. When you are coming into college, you get to decide what kind of college experience you are going to have. Make sure you get involved and do what you love becasue life is made for living to the fullest. 

M: What piece of wisdom or advice do you try to live by?

C: My mantra right now is: "Bloom where you are planted." Basically to me that means making the most of every situation. In life, sometimes things don't always go your way, but you have to do the best you can to enjoy your life. To Bloom where you're planted means to choose to be happy over everything else. 

M: What goals do you have as you enter your last year at the College?

C: My goal for my last year of college is to just make the most of it! I want to enjoy my last year of college while continuing to learn and grow. I'm going to have to be an adult soon so another goal is to get a job -- fingers crossed.

All photos courtesy of Caroline Coyle.