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Mauri Harrison, ’15

Whether she is on the field or in the class room, Mauri Harrison’s work ethic is a prime example of determination and hard work. When she is not taking the field for the Lady Cougars, she can often be found enjoying the great outdoors. As a sophomore at the college, she makes sure to stay involved on campus, keep up in academics, and is always putting herself out there to meet new people. Mauri is a clear choice for a campus celebrity in all she does, and I am lucky to call her my sorority sister! 

Mauri Harrison

Hometown: San Diego, California

Major: Public Health

Minors: Business Administration & Environmental Studies

Year of Graduation: 2015


HC: When did you start playing soccer? 

Harrison: I started playing when I was 5 or 6.

How did you choose to come to C of C: 

I loved the beautiful campus and the fact that the beach is only a couple miles away. It reminded me somewhat of home, but still was far away which brought me the new environment that I was seeking. 

What was the process like to join the C of C women’s soccer team?

It was a very intimidating process of getting recruited and then meeting the entire team for the first time as apart of the team. I’m really lucky to have the teammates that I did when I first started participating in team activities as they were very supportive and outgoing. 

Most memorable game you’ve played with the Cougars?

The most memorable game was the Southern Conference finals my freshmen year when we played as a unit. Unfortunately, we lost to Samford but luckily we got to play them again this year in the playoffs and beat them before leaving the Southern Conference. 


Who are your biggest inspirations as an athlete? 

My dad is definitely my biggest inspiration in everything I do, especially soccer. He was the healthiest person I have ever met exercising daily and eating an incredibly clean diet. A week before my high school graduation he passed away from lymphoma after only being sick for a couple of weeks. He was a very strong, admirable person that I live my life and play every minute of soccer for. 

When you’re not on the field or in class, what do you like to do for fun?

I love being outside especially at the beach and gardening. Spending time with friends, my brother, and my boyfriend. 


Are you involved in anything else on campus? 

National Society of College Scholars, Campus Rec., and Alpha Delta Pi sorority

Is it difficult to balance athletics, academics, and a social life? 

Yes, definitely! It’s very hard to make everything fit so I often have to make sacrifices as I know all college students, and student-athletes especially, have to do. 

Any goals looking ahead to next season? 

I hope that our team continues to grow together and improve. We have many challenging games ahead of us and I know we can compete with anyone we play. Our team goal is to win the CAA. 

What are your plans for after college? 

I am planning on going to graduate school to further my education in environmental science. I’m not exactly sure yet where in the country I will end up but most likely in either Southern California or Charleston. 

Do you see yourself playing soccer after college or staying involved with the sport somehow?

I plan to keep playing with friends or in adult leagues and hope to coach for the rest of my life. 

Do you have any advice for other athletes or incoming athletes? 

Make sure than academics always come first and that you continue to have fun and love the sport you are playing, despite the competitiveness and stress college sports can often incur. 


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