Make Your Spring Break Back Home Worth It

If you, like me, find yourself too broke or too late or too something to plan a fun and adventuresome spring break, you may be stuck at home for the week. Maybe the thought of spending another spring break with mom and dad in your same old hometown has you groaning, BUT spring break at home can be really fun! A semester and a half at college can make you appreciate your parents and your hometown more than you thought possible. Spring break can be a great opportunity to explore your city with fresh eyes.

1) Enjoy Some Girl Time With Your Mom

My mom and I already have a date for manis and pedis when I come home, but you could also do facials, massages, or any type of treatment with your mom, sister, grandmother -- anyone you want to spend time with! Spa treatments give you time to chill out and just sit and talk with your loved one without worrying about anything else. 

2) Dedicate Your Time to a Good Cause

Spring break is the perfect time to add lines on your resume, and nothing looks better or feels better than bettering your community! Volunteer at a soup kitchen, animal shelter, or find unique causes in your city that make you excited to give back. Volunteering can also be a great way to meet people and broaden your social circle within your own hometown.

3) Take a Day Trip

Almost any city or town has an interesting or idyllic day trip within a couple of hours. One Google can reveal a plethora of options for a one-day exploration. Day trips are usually pretty cheap and you can go with a friend without committing to a long-term trip. Whether it's the beach, the mountains, or the nearest big city, day trips can be the highlight of your spring break!

4) Go on a Walking Tour of Your City

It may seem lame, but a historical tour of your city could be much more interesting than you'd expect. My hometown of Columbia, SC has a rich history full of military engagement, government, and architecture, which plenty of tours cater to. I'm sure your city has just as much history! Take a friend, some snacks, and learn something unexpected about your city. 

5) Try Something New

Been wanting to go that pottery class? Try it! Never been to the art museum? Perfect activity for a day with friends! Check out events at your public library. College is all about trying new things and your newfound independence and interests can bleed over to your hometown!.

I don't know about you, but I for one am excited to spend spring break at home, exploring my city and giving time to the ones I love! No matter what, get out of your comfort zone, share the things you like with those you love, and remember to put on sunscreen! :)