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Siblings can be the worst. Sometimes they can push you to the point of nearly murdering them; I can definitely attest to that. But you love them anyway. Through thick and thin, you love them more than anyone in the world. This is such an important yet overlooked the aspect of life. Siblings are meant to be permanent best friends you can’t get rid of. You should be able to tell them anything and trust that your secret will be kept forever. You have sacred alliances you use against your parents, inside jokes that make no sense, and someone that will always be there for you.

A prime example of this would be my roommate and her brother. They’re each other’s best friend, and it’s the sweetest thing you’d ever see. This weekend I got to witness it. Her family came down to visit for her brother’s birthday, and you could just see how much they had missed each other. There were stories and pictures of different memories they shared, secrets they had kept, and just good times they had together. They understand the importance of a good relationship with your siblings and how it can positively affect your life. I can’t say that my relationship with my siblings is nearly as sane or civil as theirs, but I have a love for them like no other nonetheless. So even though your little sister won’t quit nagging you and your big brother is always picking on you, love them and cherish the time you have with them and take a moment to realize how lucky you are to have a forever best friend.  

Hi I'm Autumn, I'm from Lancaster South Carolina not too far from Charleston.I'm a freshman this year at CofC. My major is leaning towards Computing in the Arts. I enjoy laughing, A LOT, I also enjoy attempting to make others laugh. I'm a bit of an optimist so I try to take that and use it to make life a little better each day.
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