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Shop local! I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying multiple times, but it actually is an important part of being a consumer in your local city. Shopping local is almost always better than shopping at big brands; buying from local stores helps stimulate the economy of your city or town as well as supports small-shop owners, members of the community that help maintain the uniqueness and individuality of the city. 

In the spirit of increasing support for local shops around Charleston, I’ve decided to start a mini-series highlighting local stores in the area… and the first store I chose is Red Rose Vintage.


Genuinely one of the coolest stores I have ever been in, Red Rose Vintage is a thrift shop…on wheels. 


A remodeled ‘76 Airstream RV turned into a permanent mobile pop-up shop, the van is full of super cute vintage clothes, shoes, and accessories. “Our vintage comes from around the country. On a weekly basis, we scour thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, and clean out houses to find you the best of the best. We also have a few professional vintage buyers involved & sometimes dig through textile plants & rag houses in order to find you guys the coolest vintage in the world.”

The van itself is full of clothes, and they also lay clothing outside the front of the pop-up, so there is a ton of options. You can also order clothes from their instagram. For the full experience, however, I definitely recommend checking out the pop-up store itself. 

Not only are you supporting a local store, but you’re also recycling clothing from around the country in a ton of super cool and unique styles. The owner, Amy Rose, “has been trained by certified professional vintage collectors and buyers, has years of experience in the vintage industry, a great eye, and is very passionate about young, cool, hip, trendy vintage clothing.”

Here are some of my favorite looks from Red Rose Vintage:

If you wanna check out Red Rose Vintage, they always post their times in their Instagram Bio. Usually, pop ups are Every Wed at 424 King St. 10-2 pm + Every Sat at 424 King St. 11-3 pm

The shop is located right next to Blue Bicycle Books (another local store… highlight coming soon) in the parking lot on King. 

Shop local and look amazing while doing it. 

All images are from Red Rose Vintage’s Instagram page. 

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