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Living 2,905 Miles From Your Best Friend

My best friend and I have always been attached to the hip. We met in the fourth grade when I first moved to Myrtle Beach. I remember the first time I met my best friend was at the bus stop one morning when she offered me some candy she had left from Halloween. She went on to tell me how she had taken her sister’s bag and combined it with hers to make one giant bag. Once the bus arrived, we sat together and she continued to talk to me about Halloween. We parted ways during the school day until that afternoon, where we sat together once again. On the walk home, I realized that she was my neighbor that had just moved in a few weeks before my family moved in.

As time went on, we got really close and spent just about every day together. In middle school, we joined clubs together just so we could go back home on the bus at the same time. Once we were in high school, we continued to be close, as we would fill each other in on new gossip after dates and things of that sort. Senior year came along and we started to plan on how we were going to make that year our best year of high school yet. However, a few weeks before the start of our senior year, her mom got a call. Her mom had applied for a new job, but the downside was that it would require her to move across the country. Once her mom got the job offer that was almost impossible to refuse, she started to pack her things for Washington.

This move was strange for both of us since we had gotten so used to seeing each other every day. Once she arrived in Washington, we Facetimed frequently to try and keep the routine we had of talking to each other every day. Eventually, we got busy with school, relationships, and college applications. Despite our crazy schedules, we were still able to keep in contact and were fortunate enough to have our breaks lineup so that we could visit one another. I will admit that it has been different not having her around as much as I used to. When we do get together, it is like we were never apart in the first place. Always able to pick up where things left off. That is one of the things that I believe has made our friendship last as long as it has.

My best friend and I met when we were nine years old and are now in our early twenties. The most important part of maintaining a long-distance friendship is to try your best to keep in touch with the person. Especially in college, it is not the easiest thing to do. What we’ve done is come up with a scheduled day and time once a week where we’re both free to talk and catch up on life ( which mainly consists of gossiping about the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy). These scheduled days have made it easier for us to plan ahead in case anything came up on the weekends. Finally, I think it's important to have a source you can really rely on in times of stress or even to rant about a TV show together, even if they are 2,905 miles away.

Hi, my name is Samantha but most just call me Sam. I am a senior at the College and I'm a Biology major and Psychology minor. My interest include going to the beach, binge-watching movies on Netflix, and exploring downtown!
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