Life Hacks for Living at the Beach 

One of the biggest perks of living in Charleston are the multiple beaches that are so close by. Planning and executing beach days aren’t always easy, so here are some important tips I’ve learned through years of living near the beach. 


1.  Get there early and leave late

Plan to spend the day at the beach accordingly, with a cooler stocked with food and beverages. If you wait too late to go to the beach there will be no parking spaces available, and leaving too late lands you in rush hour with the mass exodus of people leaving the beach. Have yourself a day! 


2. Brush off as much sand as possible before getting home

You can find an outdoor shower, hose, or just brush off the sand with your hands. But without precautions, you will find sand in places you didn’t know sand could travel; in your bed, shower, couch, and ESPECIALLY in your car.


3. Don’t wear nice cover ups 

By the end of the day you are going to get sand, sunscreen, salt water, or all three on your clothing so wear the clothing that can survive the environment. If you want that token beach picture to post on Instagram with the “beach vibes” caption, absolutely go for it. Just make sure you bring the backup grunge outfit. 

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4. Never Uber to the beach

If at all possible, find a reliable ride to and from the beach. The rates for Uber and Lyft skyrocket at the most inconvenient times, typically when everyone leaves the beach. Also, Ubers near the beach are in small supply often leaving you stranded on the coast. It’s happened to me and it will happen to you, so I highly advise those planning a beach day to find a friend with a car. 


5. Choose a beach with a downtown

Staying at the beach all day is draining work, unless you have activities to distract you. Go grab lunch, get a drink, bring a book, or really anything to allow yourself to relax. I’m a personal bocce ball connoisseur, but the world is your oyster at the beach.


6. Go see the sunrise sometime

If you’ve never experienced a beach sunrise, clear your schedule tomorrow morning and go. It doesn’t matter if you go in the summer, fall, winter, or spring you can always bring a blanket. It’s a magical if not religious experience and one of the best ways to start your day. Also there’s no traffic at 6 am so it’s a win win. 

Image provided by: Carolyn Martin 


7. Bring more than one speaker

If you’re planning a full day at the beach bring at least 2 fully charged speakers. One can never be too prepared for beach music, just remember not to disturb your beach neighbors. If you plan to blast music try to find a more isolated spot to plant yourself to avoid annoying others. 


8. Bring a pet

There’s nothing a good doggy loves more than an old fashioned beach day. It’s a puppy paradise and they will love you forever for taking them. Bring a tennis ball and be ready for the best day ever. 

Image provided by: Carolyn Martin 


With one last note be good to the beaches that have been so good to you. Don't forget to always clean up after yourselves, never leave any trash on the beaches, and stay off the dunes to avoid erosion. Many communities are proud of their beaches and hope to keep them prestigious, so lets do our best to leave the beach looking fabulous!