Let's Cancel Cancel Culture

Cancel culture was first coined in the 1990s and then reborn in popular culture in 2019. This term refers to the "canceling" or boycotting of celebrities' products because the celebrities did something "wrong". By boycotting the item, it gives the audience validation that they are not contributing to this mistake. 

But here is the problem with it.

It pulls down the fame that the celebrity worked hard for their entire life because of one mistake they made. Of course, celebrities in popular culture are influencers and tell us how to live the "perfect life," but nobody is perfect, right? We all make mistakes! I make relatively small mistakes every day! If we all make mistakes, then why are we putting celebrities to a higher standard than what we hold ourselves? It is true that celebrities are put on a pedestal in society, but they are just normal people trying to live their lives. So in truth, the mistake should not have happened, but we should just forgive and move on instead of hating each other for our mistakes. We are imperfect people after all!

But don't some people deserve to be canceled?

Yes, but that should be very slim. That should be reserved for people who have committed crimes against humanity, etc. It is up for you to decide how far someone goes against your moral compass, but killing people and committing a felony is wrong, so those people should be held accountable. 

But what about canceling people who go against your political opinion?

Okay, let's first separate politics and morality. Second, sometimes people on opposing sides can agree with one another! I have many friends, and some of my best friends and I are on opposing political ends. We talk about the issues (not argue, not debate, but discuss), and I have found that we have similar morals but different ways of getting there. I know friends of mine have amazing hearts, and they are the kindest and most thoughtful people, but there are different ways to solve a political issue than the normal Democratic and Republican way.