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Law and Order SVU: An Appreciation Post

As a child, I hated the catchy theme song that played from my mom’s room while I reluctantly slugged my way there to do whatever she was calling me to do. Now I love humming my own rendition of the Law and Order SVU opener. There are so many great aspects to this show I don’t even know where to start but let’s begin with the shining star Olivia Benson. Detective Olivia Benson is the epitome of feminism. She’s strong, persistent, intelligent and literally drop-dead gorgeous. She is the glue of the show and role model for any girl showing that no matter who you are or what your past was like, you can overcome your obstacles and whoever you want to be. Next Elliot Stabler. Now I know some people have mixed feelings about Detective Stabler but I think he is an important aspect of the show. He is the father figure, giving the example of how a father would handle cases of sexual assault and rape and how that could affect a man’s job and home life. Detective Munch and Fin have got to be fan favorites. They bring comic relief and are always there at the right time. Munch is an anti-government Jewish cop and Fin is a black street raised cop which adds quite the diversity to this ragtag police squad. There are also the two bad ass attorneys Alex and Casey, but their stories should be saved for another time. If you haven’t been watching this show you definitely should, it’s a great form of procrastination. 

Hi I'm Autumn, I'm from Lancaster South Carolina not too far from Charleston.I'm a freshman this year at CofC. My major is leaning towards Computing in the Arts. I enjoy laughing, A LOT, I also enjoy attempting to make others laugh. I'm a bit of an optimist so I try to take that and use it to make life a little better each day.
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