Laugh Your Butt Off with Aly Green

If you've been on Twitter, Snapchat,  or even by going on Tumblr (see her viral rendition of The Fairly Odd Parents Song), you may have seen Aly Green before. This senior arts management major with a music industry minor is making a name for herself on this campus and hopes to eventually make name for herself on a much larger scale.  Involved with Phi Mu and CisternYard Video, she's starting on the path to stardom but has some memories to share from her time here at The College.  

Megan Dunn: What kind of work do you do for CisternYard Video?

Aly Green: I am the entertainment and social media director at CisternYard Video. I run all of our social media accounts, and I try to be on set for a large majority of our sketches, skits, and anything else we do. I help the make sure the right inflections are used so that the joke or tone of the shot is brought through as clearly and as best as possible. I also have my own series, Aly Tries, where I basically just film myself being very bad at things. The first episode is already out. It's me trying to make a Pinterest cake and failing miserably. I'm a horrible cook/baker to begin with, so adding the creativity challenge of Pinterest really threw me for a loop. 

MD: What can we expect from CisternYard Video this year?

AG: You can expect a very different CisternYard compared to years past. We have a new GM who rearranged a lot of the positions available, and it has been a change for the better. We now have a pretty funny news show, CTV, where our reporters maybe be a little lost in trying to get you your national and local news (; We have also been givig classic movie scenes a CisternYard twist! So far we have done Miami Vice and Good Fellas. We will have some more coming out very soon. Another episode of Aly Tries will also be out soon. In this one, I got very lost on my trip to New Jersey, but still filmed the whole thing. I'm excited for that one haha. We also will be filming our latest comedy sketches this weekend, so be looking for those to come out after thanksgiving break!

MD: Who is someone you've looked up to during your college career?

AG: I've really looked up to Jeanette Guin ever since I took her Understanding Creativity class. She is now my advisor and has done nothing but help and encourage me. She made me dig a little deeper within myself, and I learned so much more about me. She is someone who understands how I operate and gives me a plan that will work best for me. She is patient, understanding, thoughtful, and cool as hell. If you haven't taken her class, DO IT NOW

MD: What has been your most inspiring moment or memory from being at CofC?

AG: It's going to sound cheesy, but two of my most memorable moments in college has been when I met two of my best friends, liza and Megan. I met Liza freshman year when we moved into liberty together. We had been talking all summer over text and FaceTime, but I just couldn't believe that I had that much in common with someone I'd never met...until we finally saw each other in person in august of 2013 when we moved into the dorm. We were instant best friends. I still remember our first night in the dorm together. My bed hadn't been lofted yet, so our futon was just sitting in the middle of the front room, there were still boxes everywhere, and we were trying desperately to get our tv to work after we refused help from our parents earlier that day. We were chatty and giggly all night. I had never felt a connection with someone like that before, and I was just incredibly excited and no longer nervous for college. I got to live with my new best friend. I could handle anything college threw at me. 

Then came Megan. We also immediately became very close. She had joined Phi Mu in the Spring of 2015, but I hadn't gotten to know her at all. I had followed her on social media, but that was about it. Then Fall of 2015, I started paying attention to her Twitter. All I could think was, "Jesus Christ this girl is hilarious" so I creepily tweeted her, "um yeah hi you're really funny, can we hang out plz?" It took some time before we actually got to hang out, but then I helped her with a CisternYard bit where we filmed her going on a haunted hay ride, and I had so much fun and knew I needed more Megan Dunn in my life. That's when Spring 2016 hit--we were inseparable. We were a packaged deal. We were Aly and Megan. We were best friends. Now, I'm happy to say that we will be moving to Nashville together after graduation. 

Basically, have two of the best friends in the world, and they have made my college experience what it is today. 

MD: What do you hope to accomplish before graduating in May?

AG: I really want to try stand up comedy before I graduate. It might sound silly, but it's something I really wanna try before I leave this comfortable bubble that is college. If I totally fail, it's not like I'm in front of a bunch of total strangers that will throw tomatoes at me. I mean my friends already think I'm funny, right?

All photos courtesy of Alyson "Aly" Green and her Facebook.