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Kimi Hrivnak ’16

Kimi Hrivnak is one talented lady. She is always shining on stage during performances with local studio DanceFX, and has so much to look forward to her junior year of undergrad. While this semester Kimi dives head first into preparing for multiple dance shows, come spring she’ll be off to England to embark on a study abroad adventure.

Year: Junior

Major/Minor:  Accounting Major, Arts Management Minor

Hometown:  Greenvile, SC 

How long have you been dancing? Since I was three years old! My first costume involved a sparkly gold top hat that fell over my eyes.


What is your dance background? Jazz, contemporary, lyrical, ballet. I’ve dabbled in other styles but those are the only ones I feel “trained” in. I was 10 when I joined my childhood dance studio Dancers Corner’s company. That means I spent every night at rehearsals and every weekend at competitions. “I can’t, I have dance,” was a common phrase; but I would not give up being on stage with a rush of adrenaline and fake eyelashes for hanging out at the mall.


What is your favorite style of dance? Contemporary. My favorite thing to do is turn on a song I love, dim the lights, and move. This style is so freeing since it has no rules. You just feel it.


How do you like being a performance company member at DanceFX? Well duhh, I love it. I was devastated to leave my hometown studio and the little dance family I had built. I tried to replace it by taking dance classes at CofC, but then I found DanceFX and knew this was the right place to be. Everybody is so encouraging and I’m starting to build another dance family. Plus I get lots of opportunities to perform really fun dances around town.


Do you have any upcoming performances? What are they? Yes and y’all should come. These are not your average dance concerts. You’ll have so much fun and enjoy entertainment other than the DanceFX dancers. Halloween at the Farm: Freakshow Exotica — Music Farm, October 31, 8pm-1am. Jailbreak: Visual Vanity — The Old City Jail, November 15, 4-11pm

How do you balance school, rehearsals, and work? I’m not gonna lie, it’s really hard. I bought a planner that is super cute and very functional at the beginning of the school year. It lists the day by hour. So every weekend I plan out my upcoming week, writing down all my dance rehearsals and work shifts and classes, and then find the times where I can fit in studying. That way its never the day before the test and I realize I have no time to study. But most importantly, and something I’m still working on, is realizing when you’ve put too much on your plate. Everybody has different limits. You need to figure out your priorities and create a schedule that fits your own lifestyle.


Do you plan on continuing to dance after college? I really don’t know. I wasn’t necessarily planning on dancing in college. I just can’t live without it. We’ll see what opportunities present themselves.


Where are you studying abroad next semester? University of Nottingham in Nottingham, England. It’s in the middle of England, not quite north and not south enough to be near London.


Are you excited? Yes! I’ve always wanted to live in England. My favorite things tend to be British. But I’m also really nervous. Living an ocean away from home for six months without anybody I know is scary.


What all is on your list of things to do while abroad?

Make lots of international friends

Catch sight of Prince Harry in London

Go to Paris Fashion Week

Learn how to make a proper cuppa tea

Admire Scotland’s rolling hills

Travel ! Travel ! Travel !

What classes will you be taking? Random business classes like “Managing Tourism and the Environment” and “Marketing and Society” as well as some humanities like “American Visual Cultures.”


What would be your dream job after college? I want to be living in a city working for an arts organization hopefully being able to utilize my accounting skills. I don’t know really haha. I just go where life takes me.


What advice would you give to incoming freshmen? Take it slow. Don’t try to do too much at once. Get used to the whole college thing first and then gradually add more. Then in general, don’t compare yourself to others or do anything just because it is expected.


What is your favorite:

Movie- Forrest Gump

Candy- Reese’s Fast Break (I think they only sell them at gas stations)

Book- Harry Potter

Color- Pink, especially coral

Song- The Golden Slumbers medley at the end of The Beatles’ Abbey Road


Originally from West Virginia, Tori Williams is a senior at the College of Charleston in South Carolina majoring in Communication, and minoring in International Studies and Dance. Tori is currently the editor-in-chief and a featured writer for the Her Campus CofC chapter, as well as an editorial intern with Charleston Magazine. She also dances with Dance FX Charleston's performance company and through the College of Charleston. When she's not busy, Tori loves to read, run, and do hot yoga. She hopes to someday be an editor and writer for a big time magazine.
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