Kelsey Jordan ’16

Name: Kelsey Jordan

Age: 20

Major/Minor: Math and Biology Major w/ German Minor

Hometown: Conway, South Carolina

Campus Involvement: Math club, AXE Chemistry Fraternity Pledge, German Club, Volunteer Corps, Center for Student Learning Math tutor, Women in Philosophy

It’s not everyday that you come across a college student who gets a rush from learning a new formula in calculus class or evaluating triple integrals and 3-D surfaces for fun. Not since the reign of Kady Heron, has their been a girl who possesses both fiery red locks and an affection for math to match. However, in the case of Kelsey Jordan, this ambitious self-proclaimed math nerd does just that and MORE! On a normal day it is typical to find Kelsey reading from her organic chemistry book permanently pinned to her side, chatting with a barista friend at the Starbucks on Calhoun, walking to class with Drake pulsing through her headphones, helping a fellow student study for pre-calculus in the math lab, or acknowledging someone with a German “Danke!” instead of its English equivalent “thank you!” Yes, it seems perfectly all right to say for this delightful ginger, when speaking on terms of life’s possibilities, “the limit does not exist!” We should all keep our eyes out for this daring cougar, for Kelsey Jordan is surely recalculating how we all define nerd and making it sizzle red hot!


Why did you decide to come to the College of Charleston?

“Well I went to USC my freshmen year and would visit my best friends that attended CofC. I ended up just falling in love with the city and the campus. I think it was just a better fit for me as a whole. And there are just so many different ways to get involved in both the campus and the city. I just feel at home here.”


What career are you hoping to pursue in your future?

“Since I was little I’ve always wanted to help others. I felt that being a surgeon was the perfect way for me to do this. It’s always been a dream of mine. When I was in high school I got the chance to intern with some amazing surgeons, one of them being a plastic surgeon. Watching the plastic surgeon perform various procedures made me really fall in love with this practice of medicine. It was my favorite!  So that’s what I’m leaning more towards now.”


Since the math major is predominantly male populated, do you think people are surprised when you tell them that math is your major?

“I think so, because I guess I’m not your typical math major. There are mainly guys in my classes, which I actually kind of like because it makes me feel very empowered when I understand something and there are a bunch of guys that don’t. I guess that’s just the feminist in me coming out, but yeah I think I do break the typical mold of what math majors are supposed to be like. I just love math! And I’ve just always been good at it, which is one of the reasons why I like it so much. I really like it because it’s a subject that usually people struggle with and I think in way that makes me very proud of myself.”


Do you see yourself as a feminist?

“I definitely consider myself a feminist. I think that women should not be scared to be powerful, or smart, or in charge. Women can be more than a pretty face to look at and I definitely feel like women should strive to be more than that. Women, and people in general, shouldn't be afraid to speak freely and be who and/or what they want to be.”


I’ve heard that next year you are planning on studying abroad in Austria! Out of all the places around the world, why have you chose Austria?

“I’ve been back and forth between Germany and Austria, but I think I’ve finally become set on Austria, particularly Vienna now. I’ve always wanted to become fluent in a second language and I feel like by submerging myself in the culture of Vienna that I will be even closer to achieving this goal. German is kind of different in the sense that it’s not your typical language that people would be interested in taking. But contrary to others belief that German is a harsh and mean language, its really not. I love it! It truly is a beautiful language."


You recently completed a research study for MUSC. What were you trying to find out with the research? 

“The project is focused on trying to determine if rats prone to obesity show 'addiction-like' impairments behaviorally and/or neurologically similar to those found in rats with addictions to drugs such as cocaine. During the process I was able to manage my own cohort of 16 rats and it helped me gain a new love for science and in the end, I think it is safe to say that soon obesity may be looked at as an 'addiction' that certain people are prone to have.”

What do you enjoy about being a math tutor?

“I love tutoring. It makes me feel good that I can help people out because sometimes they come in all panicky and really stressed out, and I like being able to make them not so nervous about it. I enjoy helping them see that math isn’t this scary thing. Once you get it and understand it, you can actually begin to enjoy it. Another thing that’s great about tutoring is it actually helps refresh my memory as well. So it helps me out in some of my classes too. Kind of like a win-win!”


Since you are constantly busy with school and other activities, what motivates you to focus and keep going?

“I guess I’m constantly just preparing myself for med school and all the long hours ahead of me. You know I just have to tell myself that it’ll all be worth it one day. And it helps that I have a lot of friends that are always studying too, so they are definitely the perfect support system. We just help each other out and keep each other motivated!”


What do you love to do on your downtime?

“I like going to the movies and the beach. Concerts and road trips with my friends are always fun to do as well. I especially love going on walks. I mean we live in such a beautiful city that you can just walk for hours. I always tend to find new places that I haven’t seen before!”


Final question, do gingers have souls?

“I would like to think that we do! We are very kind people and we have hearts! We are very sensitive like everyone else. And we’re very loving. We have really bad tempers at times but its only because people make us that way.”


If you are looking for an amazing math tutor contact Kelsey Jordan by emailing her at [email protected]!