Kaylee Lass '16

Year: Sophomore, Class of 2016

Major/Minor: double major in Arts Management and Historic Preservation and Community Planning, with a minor in Communication

Hometown:  Franklin, Virginia

What organizations are you involved with on and off campus?

I’m a member of the CofC Fashion Club, Her Campus CofC, and Circle K CofC.  Last semester I spent much of my time interning at a developing art gallery and cultivation of the arts center in Avondale called The 827.  I’ve learned a lot about the massive amount of dedication that goes into starting an organization from scratch and the importance of networking through my experience there.  I have also had an amazing opportunity this semester to work as an ASOS Brand Manager through Youth Marketing Connection.


What is it like being the Campus Fashion Correspondent for Her Campus CofC?

Since becoming Campus Fashion Correspondent, I’ve become much more aware of personal style in myself and my peers on campus.  I feel like I write about this all the time but it really is so important to be comfortable and confident enough to express yourself through style.  Wear what you want – not what everyone else thinks you should be wearing.

How you do like working for ASOS? What are your daily/weekly duties?

Working with ASOS has been such a valued experience this semester!  I actually don’t work for ASOS directly, but for Youth Marketing Connection which specializes in connecting brands to students.  The overall goal is to spread the word about ASOS and get students talking on campus and over social media using #ASOSonCampus #asosCofC.  The impact of conversation about ASOS on campuses all over the United States can be seen on campuscrash.asos.com!  You can find me on campus holding ASOS events where I give out free promotional items, major discounts, and raffle off prizes like real ASOS merchandise!  I’m not the only rep on campus – there’s a whole team of us!  Bethany Summers is the other Brand Manager and Lindsey Burns and Marissa McFarland complete the team as our Brand Specialists on campus!


What all do you do for the Fashion Club here on campus?

I’m the Executive Assistant of the Fashion Club – my job is basically to help out wherever I’m needed in the moment.  This semester my biggest contribution was with our Second Annual Spring Issue where I actually got to connect my involvement with Fashion Club to my position as Brand Manager for ASOS! I was able to use my connection with ASOS to request outfits for our fashion show.  I ended up styling nine outfits for the show!  This was my first experience styling for others, and I am so proud of how it turned out!


I know you got to work Charleston Fashion Week this year, and was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about that experience.

It was kind of surreal, really.  Last year I volunteered out front checking tickets and holding doors for the week of the shows, but this year I was able to see Charleston Fashion Week from a backstage production point of view.  I was a Model Team Associate, assisting the core Model Team members who had been working on the production all year long.  I helped out with everything from fitting and casting scheduling for the models, to helping designers load in backstage, to counting the number of models left until the final walk.  It was truly a week to remember.


Where did your love of fashion come from?

Playing dress up, dance costumes, and endless evenings of trying on my mom and grandmother’s jewelry.

Where do you hope this passion for fashion will take you in the future?

I honestly never could have dreamed of pursuing a career in fashion two or three years ago, but with the opportunities Charleston has given me, who knows?! Maybe I’ll actually teach myself to use the sewing machine sitting in my room this summer, and we’ll go from there!  


If you could sit down and chat with any designer in the world, who would it be and why? What would you ask them?

Probably Alber Elbaz for Lanvin; I read an interview with him in a magazine a while ago and his words are so thoughtful and genuine.  He says, “Everyone wants to be young and skinny.  This is awful.  Curves are marvelous.  Wrinkles are hypnotizing.  Why not just be happy with who you are?”  I don’t know what I would ask! A simple conversation would be nice…Would it be too much to ask him for a custom gown?


What is your go-to outfit?  

My light-wash destroyed boyfriend Levi’s rolled up with my Steve Madden booties, a white lace tank paired with my BCBG long black lightweight cardigan, and my gold watch necklace (my style mindset is clearly not in summer yet…)


What is your favorite?

Type of Shoe:  it’s a close tie between wedges and combat boots

Color to wear for a night out:  black

Accessory:  slave bracelets (bracelet joined to a ring by a chain)

Clothing line:  for summer, I’m really loving the tribal and geometric influences in Mara Hoffman’s spring 2014 collection

Shop in Charleston:  Haute Hanger

Quote:  “Say yes, and you’ll figure it out afterward.” –Tina Fey


What is the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?   

I’ve asked my mom and aunt on multiple occasions, “but when could I ever wear this?” and they always reply, “Whenever you want!”