The Kardashian Adventure You Have To See To Believe

The Kardashians sure know how to have fun. Kylie, Khloe, and Kendall decided to disguise themselves and take a Hollywood tour... and Kylie documented the whole thing on her Snapchat! Follow along for the adventure!




With grey hair, sunglasses, and a double chin, Khloe was the hardest to recognize. She even joked pointing out the “Kardashians houses” and called out “Kar-trash-ians”




With gauges, a tattoo, a new haircut, and glasses- Kylie stayed hidden. She jokes “have you guys ever seen the red carpet?” When the tour guide points out the red carpet.  Kylie smirks when the tour guide points out “Kim’s favorite restaurant” and also repeats “that’s not true” when the tour guide brings up Tyga- still her feisty self.




Check out that wig, freckles, and nose!

Their adventure ended getting caught by the paparazzi and jumping off the hollywood tour bus... sounds like a good time! Would you do this if you were a celebrity?