A Journey Elsewhere: Part 1

Waves crashed overhead. Nothing could be seen except the dark blue ocean. There would be a couple seconds where a gasp of air could be gulped. Nora took in as much air in as she could and was then rolled with the waves again. Each movement started to become wasted as she was getting pushed deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean. What could she do? She closed her eyes in acceptance of her fate when suddenly she felt hands around her waist. Nora tried to see who had her, but bubbles surrounded her and the mysterious figure. Before another minute went by, the two broke the surface and Nora gasped for the glorious salty air.

            “There you go, child. Just take it easy,” said a man. “Jeez, Sam. When I told you to go down to loosen the anchor, I didn’t expect you to come up with anything. Especially a person!”

            Sam, the man Nora assumed was her rescuer, said “Sorry Captain. If it helps, she bumped into me first with the waves pushing her down. Why would anyone be all the way out here away from the harbor?” He then sat on a small crate so that he could take off what was left of his scuba gear.

            The captain shook his head in annoyance and turned his attention back to the young girl. “What is your name, little lady?”

            “Nora,” she mumbled. Nora began to take in her surroundings. She was on a small boat made of dark oak. There were many creates on the deck making her think that she was on a merchant ship. There could only have been a dozen men on board all dressed in simple black pants, shirts of various styles, and knee high, brown boots. The captain didn’t dress how a typical captain would. No large coat or fancy hat. None of that. In fact, he was dressed just like the other men. The only way one could tell he was the captain was his men calling so and the golden buckle on his belt. Most of the men hard a rope or a plain belt around their waists, but this buckle stood out from the rest with a design of some sort of family crest.

            “Well Nora,” stated the captain interrupting her thoughts, “Welcome aboard the S.S. Ester. The finest merchant ship in the waters of Neander.”

            “Neander? What is that,” Nora asked.

“Why it is our home country! Everyone knows Neander,” laughed the captain. “You must be in shock. Can’t blame you with the cold waters we have. I’ll tell you what, a night in the captain’s cabin ought to help ease the shock and help your memory. James! Come and take our guest to my cabin. Set up and extra cot for me in the common sleeping quarters. Get some rest Nora and we’ll talk tomorrow.”

            The blue-eyed girl simply looked at the captain, mumbled a thank you, and began to follow a small man named James to the captains’ quarters. She took one final look at the world around her. The ship was small with a dozen men and a captain who matched the rest. Lanterns lit the wood in the dark and the faces. She looked up to the starry night. Nora simply nodded her head to the rest of the crew and turned to go down below. One thing was for sure, Nora had never been to or even heard of Neander.