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Jacob Alexander ’15

Name: Jacob Joseph Alexander; everyone knows me as Jake


Year: Junior


Major: Business Administration/Hospitality Management, with a minor in Real Estate


Home Town: Huntersville, North Carolina


Favorite thing about Charleston: The “small world” realizations that you have with total strangers; somebody knows somebody who knows somebody


Favorite Restaurant: Kickin’ Chicken


Dream Job: I want to own my own hospitality group, and own commercial real estate that is focused around hospitality operations and businesses. Basically, I want to be that guy who owns everything.


If you could have one super power, what would it be? Telekinesis


Favorite Movie: Animal House


Favorite Sports Teams: Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints (I know, weird combo)


Biggest thing on your bucket list: Skydiving


What kind of music are you into: Love me some good ‘ole Jazz


Best concert you’ve ever been to? AC/DC for my 16th birthday (Thanks Mom and Dad)


Celebrity Crush: Angelina Jolie & Sandra Bullock


Thing that confuses me the most that girls do: Why do some girls insist on waiting an hour or two to text a guy back? Its exhausting constantly looking for that little green light on your phone indicating you received a text message. You look, and its either and email or a text message not from her. C’mon girls, don’t make us wait forever.

Caroline is currently a junior at the College of Charleston majoring in Communication and Political Science and minoring in Spanish. Former Political Intern at the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C. where she did some cool important things including writing briefings for the President of the United States and hosting Congressmen and women at events on Capitol Hill. An alum of the Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia campaign where she spent weekends knocking on doors in rural Virginia, but it all paid off. Obsessed with Dance Marathon because she enjoys staying up all night, dancing like a fool and raising money for the kids. Diehard CofC Cougars, NY Jets, NY Knicks, South Carolina Gamecocks and NY Mets fan.
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