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I Tried Chipotle’s Burger Place And This Is What I Thought

There’s something about Ohio that seems to be the starting place for new franchises in America. The Columbus, Ohio area is consistently trying out new menus, products, and businesses. So, it’s no surprise that Ohio was the state Chipotle chose to try out their new burger chain, Tasty Made. I was lucky enough to try it over Fall Break, and I wasn’t disappointed. I don’t eat burgers, so my Dad and sister were the test subjects for the burgers at the new fast food restaurant. However, I found myself totally in love with their fries and milkshakes. This possible future chain is meant to be competition for places like Five Guys, Smash Burger, and Shake Shack; which explains why their current menu consists of a few burger varieties, fries, and four milkshake flavors.

According to my dad, who ate the burger, he preferred Five Guys for the price. I don’t blame him. When my sister and I went, I spent eight dollars on two milkshakes and fries. The fries were good, but the atmopshere of Tasty Made was like walking into a Five Guys restaurant with half of its furniture from Chipotle. The theme of the restaurant seems like any burger place, diner decor with booths and a counter for seating.

I’m not sure if the restaurant will spread far, considering it’s only been open for eleven days and the reviews are all pretty average. It wasn’t the worst burger my dad and sister have ever eaten. They confirmed that the burgers were good, and I can confirm that the fries were the perfect Mom and Pop diner fries – rare and incredible. Overall, I thought it was doing well for a fast food place that’s something just starting out. I do, however think that Chipotle may have lost business due to a poor location.

Photo from Weekend Collective.

Tasty Made is located 45 minutes from Ohio University and 45 minutes from Ohio State University in a small town that doesn’t have high tourism rates or a lot of businesses. Businesses are closing all the time in the town that Chipotle picked for the location, and while it is located on a main road, I don’t believe that makes up for the town’s general lack of traffic. As someone who lived in the town for three years and watched many businesses come and go, it makes me wonder who made the call. As much as I believe the business could be great, I don’t think it will succeed due to the competition and the location of their first store.

Will I go back to Tasty Made? Probably; I enjoyed their milkshakes and their fries. I would get them again and I probably will during Winter Break. However, I don’t expect the business to get to the national level of other burger restaurants across the country. Chipotle may have an excellent idea for a way to expand their franchise, but I don’t think it will amount to much.

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