I Took a Break From Taylor Swift

I have a complicated relationship with Taylor Swift. Yes, this is the article no one asked for.

It all started when I was a mere second grader. Her first album was full of bops, and I will fight anyone today who says otherwise. I was an avid “Swifty” until the album Red. Honestly, I became that person who was like “uh, they just all sound the same, and I’m into cooler bands now... like One Direction”. I did have a 1D Phase, but I’m not gonna talk about it. Those were dark times.

I tried to keep tabs on Taylor Swift a little bit over the last few years but gave up after all I kept hearing about was drama. Every time I heard her name in recent days it was tied to a scandal or a feud and I was not here for it. But then came Lover.

I love this album. It's just so gosh darn good. I thought I could deny it, but I can’t. It’s a bop colony (a phrase I coined! definition: a home for bops).

Here is a list of my top five on the album:

  1. Lover: This song is honestly so cute. Not only is it so dreamy and fun, but it is also so precious. She’s gonna save him a SEAT! I have no other words except sksksksksk (haha just kidding, kids are weird these days).
  2. Paper Rings: Literally, Taylor Swift is so in love that she won’t buy more diamonds. This song doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for a millionaire to write. The lyric should be “I like shiny things, and I’ll marry you with a 50-karat custom diamond ring because I’m freaking Taylor Swift”. That’s what I would do if we are all being honest here.
  3. The Man: My feminist booty can’t help but love this song.
  4. I Forgot That You Existed: I need this energy in my life so badly.
  5. I am having way too hard of a time picking the fifth favorite, so I choose them all.

I seriously stan Taylor Swift now and it’s kind of weird. I never thought this day would come. I would tell you to go listen to it but like honestly you probably already have.