“I’m Bored.” Okay, And?

I was always one to entertain myself growing up -- reading a series of books, playing with dolls, writing fiction stories (that I wouldn’t dare let anybody read nowadays), biking with neighbors... and I still find myself conjuring up random but entertaining hobbies to this day. I find that it’s so important, especially with the social media-driven world that we live in, to motivate ourselves to do more than simply just “pass time.” Thus, a list of things you can do right now, just because.

  1. 1. Make a playlist for a friend or loved one.

    This one is so thoughtful, easy, and entertaining. Definitely will rekindle some nostalgia.

  2. 2. Journal at a new local coffee spot you haven’t tried.

    I recommend Kudu (right off of King), Second State (my favorite oat milk latte so far), or Gnome Café (a bit further of a walk, but so worth it. Cute, quaint, and vegan!).

  3. 3. Wander around South of Broad.

    So pretty, historic, and colorful. Really, walking around any area of downtown Charleston is bound to lead you somewhere cool.

  4. 4. FaceTime a family member or old friend.

    I’m so guilty of not doing this. Seriously -- even 10 minutes on a face-to-face call can make someone’s day (and your own).

  5. 5. Rent a bike and explore the city.

    Get a little bit further than your legs may take you. This option isn’t too pricy either!

  6. 6. Have a potluck-style picnic with new friends.

    Everyone brings their favorite dish, or something store bought to contribute to the group! This idea is so fun, simple, and COVID-friendly.

  7. 7. YouTube an online yoga class, even if you’re not a yogi.

    A good flow is so restorative and definitely brings you back to sanity. Namaste.

  8. 8. Put on your favorite outfit, grab a friend, start walking, and take some photos.

    Stupid, but fun and easy. You’re bound to get a good shot at the Battery!

  9. 9. Do your damn homework.

    Seriously, getting ahead will relieve you of so much upcoming stress. This also allows for extra free time throughout your hectic week as a college student.

  10. 10. Come up with new outfits (with the clothes you already own), or repurpose old pieces!

    It can be really fun to get creative with stuff you’d never thought to wear again, or it may lead you to realize you need to donate/Depop STAT.

If you’re living in the city of Charleston, you can’t really use the excuse that there’s nothing to do. Get up, get out, and get going. There’s so many hidden nooks in this town to explore, you’re bound to find something new every day!