I Don't Like to Have Fun

When I was but a mere ten years old, I was called uptight for the first time. Yes, my forty-year-old librarian called me, a ten year old, uptight. So, you could say that I was traumatized.

Okay fine, this didn’t exactly scar me for life, but I felt I should include it because honestly, it's just kind of funny.

So flash forward to me now--young, vibrant, college-aged--I went to a concert this weekend, and yes, it was fun. But I think I have concluded that I don’t like having fun. Actually, it stresses me out.

I went to see Kacey Musgraves, and I ended up being right in the front row. Now for some context, I should let you all know that I have only ever been to two real concerts in my life...and one of them was Hannah Montana. Don’t come for me. It was amazing, and I was eight. All the other "concerts" I've to were more classical in form a.k.a musicals or traditional concerts. The usual etiquette is that you sit still and don’t sing along, which is the exact opposite of what hip young adults (presumably such as myself) do.

When I go to concerts, I like to sit motionless in the dark so that no one can see my deadpan expression and enjoy what I'm listening to. 

Now, back to Kacey. To set the scene, there I am trying to fit in with all these concert experts who are singing along and dancing, which is fun! But I would rather be in a chair looking depressed but having a great time. Unfortunately, I am now in the eye line of Kacey Musgraves, and I think it would be inappropriate to just listen right? I don’t know. I got very stressed out and then she said something about "being whoever they want to be at this concert," which loosely translates to “have fun.” But if my idea of fun is looking like I’m not having fun, isn’t that bad???

I’m guessing you think I’m crazy now. The point of this long, rambling, inner dialogue I have spewed out into this article is this: I am uptight.

Okay, not quite the point. After a while, I started to have fun, but my inner eighty-year-old mind was just like “Wow, I wish I could be in a chair right now.” This whole article is basically just telling you that you should just live your life, ladies and gents. If you love scream-singing lyrics at a concert, do it!! But if you want to Ron Swanson it up in a chair like me, don’t feel bad. Life is short.