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I Bought Tickets to a Virtual Concert – Here’s What Happened

There’s a lot of things we suddenly had to go without once COVID-19 took over, and one of those things is live music. Concerts are really special, and I now realize that we have taken them for granted. It’s the perfect atmosphere to be surrounded by people who share as much love for an artist as you do, and to be in such close proximity with the artist that you adore. Now, we see artists postponing their tours left and right. We still have no idea when we will be able to go to our beloved concerts again. Fingers crossed it comes soon!

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite artists announced that they would be hosting a virtual concert. I ignored it, simply because I knew that it could never be the same as going to a show in person. Why pay for a show when you could watch videos of them performing for free? After a week or so passed, I kept hearing about this show. I made the decision to buy a ticket. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad; I would get to see songs that had never been performed live, and it could give me some sense of the concerts I miss so much. The money was also going towards the paychecks of the crew members, so it would not be wasted money.

Saturday came around and it was time for the show. It felt strange to be sitting in bed, waiting to be sent a link to the show, when usually I would be at a venue in a sea of people. In no way was the show bad; it was incredible. It was everything that a concert needed in order to be successful, minus the fact that no one was able to be there, of course. But it simply didn’t do it for me. Nothing will ever be able to compare to the feeling of waiting in line all day, then finally entering the venue and being only a few feet away from an artist. And when you get home that night and your throat hurts after singing so loud. This time, there was no rush of excitement at the end. I simply closed my computer and went on with my night. During the show, I almost felt awkward because I wasn’t sure how to act. I don’t think this is something I will ever be able to get used to while it’s around.

I don’t regret buying the ticket. I’m glad I’ve now had the experience of attending a virtual concert. That’s something I never would’ve thought I’d do, but here we are. Might as well make the most of social distancing and such while we’re here! If an opportunity crosses you to attend a virtual concert, take it if you please and see what you think!

Rebecca Magruder is currently a sophomore at C of C and she is undecided on her major. Rebecca is from Atlanta, Georgia and loves to write, listen to music, and watch Mamma Mia all too many times.
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