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How To Take Advantage of Charleston’s So-Called “Fall”

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With temperatures finally starting to cool down in Charleston, we get to experience a sliver of Fall. We are always grateful for our beaches, but Charleston’s geographic location prevents its inhabitants from fully experiencing a true, northern Fall. Sure, some leaves change colors, but we are still expecting random days of eighty degree weather, making outfit decisions seem sporadic. Rather than dwell on the ever-changing weather, here are some ideas for soaking up the somewhat cooler weather and getting in the fall mindset.

1. Bundle up for a beach walk

Just because we are seeing glimpses of Fall does not mean we can completely forego the beach! Laying out in the sun may be out, but walking in the crisp air is in. Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach offer miles of sand to walk on. Throw on a scarf, grab your dog, and clear your head. 

2. Schedule a night in

Call your friends or significant other and plan a relaxing evening. If Fall makes you nostalgic for your childhood like it does for me, then plan on having a home cooked meal. Have your friends or significant other bring a dish or dessert and light a fall scented candle. After making dinner, cuddle up and watch a comfort movie while cookies bake in the oven.

3. Take a trip to the library or bookstore

Fall is the perfect time to stay inside and catch up on the books that are on your reading list. If you still crave time to be social, invite friends over. Everyone can read their own book while being in the company of others. If you want to take it to another level, start a book club! If you would rather read alone, that is perfectly okay. Spend the weekend doing self-care: order takeout, put on your pajamas, and read the night away. 

Charleston tends to be known for its humidity which is finally starting to subside. Some will decide to take advantage of this and begin to exercise outside or go on evening strolls. Others will begin to spend more time indoors. Both are appealing options. Fall in Charleston is short-lived, make the most out of it! 

I am a sophomore at the College of Charleston planning on majoring in Communications and minoring in Spanish. In my free time, I enjoy reading and going on long walks.
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