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How to Take Care of Your Colored Hair

Let's be honest, many of us thought that quarantine would be a great time to try a new hair color but did not realize the importance of aftercare. Coloring your hair is super fun, but it can be pretty high maintenance. Bright, colorful hair does not last forever and will fade. For some colors, different tones will fade faster than others (ex. with purple hair, pink usually fades faster than the blue tones, so purple will fade to blue). As someone who has purple hair, and hair that doesn't like color to stay in it, I know this struggle very well. The good news is there are steps you can take to preserve your hair color between touch-ups. Here are some tips to maintain your color. [bf_image id="q6zmvw-cpke68-1a2jyf"]

     1. Only use cool water on your hair

Hot water fades hair color incredibly quickly, so it is best to avoid using it to wash your hair. This one can be difficult for those who like blazing hot showers like me. My tip is to shower with the normal shower temperature that you like and just avoid getting your hair wet. When it is time to wash your hair, make the water cool. This makes an incredible difference in how long a color will stay in your hair.

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     2. Make sure your hair products are color safe

Not all products are color-safe, meaning there are no chemicals that will cause your color to fade. Check to be sure that your products are color safe, especially anything that is rinsed out of your hair. Non-color safe products will grab on to your color and it will rinse out.

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     3. Use a shampoo made for colored hair

Shampoos that are specifically made for colored hair have special components that help the color stay in and not fade. I like Daddy-O from Lush or Gemstone Color Shampoo from R+Co. They are both made for colored hair and preserve hair color.

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     4. Use a color conditioner

Color conditioner has been a major game changer for me in preserving my hair color. I use Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair Purple Hair Conditioner. I use it every few times that I wash my hair. Be careful with these, because they contain a gentle hair dye and will stain your skin and bathtub, similarly to regular hair dye.

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     5. Always wet your hair before you go swimming

Just like with blondes, always wash your hair with fresh water before going into chlorine or saltwater. This allows the hair to absorb the freshwater instead of the chemicals or salt that will rip the color out of your hair. I re-dyed my hair once and went swimming in the ocean the next day without pre-rinsing. Almost all of the color came out instantly.


Although colored hair can be high maintenance, the results are totally worth it. These maintenance tips will improve your hair longevity extensively. If you had to only follow one of these tips, do the first one. Even with these tips, your hair will inevitably fade, so go back to your hair colorist to get it redone. Your hair colorist is also a great person to ask all your hair coloring questions. They will be able to give you even more color tips and suggestions.

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