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How to Survive a Plane Ride

With Thanksgiving and our unofficial fall break coming up many of us will be traveling out of Charleston via airplane. Flying is great, it turns a day long trip into a 2-hour trip! We can get across the world in a day. Air transportation is one of the greatest inventions this world has seen. I could go on all day about how I love planes but that doesn’t mean its flawless. After getting on about 10 different flights in a span of thirty days I have put together my top tips of how to survive the worst situations you may face through air travel.


  1. Almost missing your flight.

This happened to me once and I can promise you, never again. My roommate and I made our flight from Barcelona to Madrid with a minute to spare. I am so thankful we made it but trust me when I say never again. DO NOT put yourself through that stress. Always make a plan before and do your research. If you’re flying out of an unfamiliar location look up how far away that airport is and how much time you will need to get to your gate. There is a reason TSA says to get to the airport an hour or two before you’re boarding time. Plan ahead. If you stress about getting to the airport in time, leave even 4 or 3 hours before your plane takes off just to make sure you have at least an hour to spare and relax at your gate.


  1. Your flight is over 7 hours long.

Long flights are the worst. I can’t seem to understand how I pass out on the one-hour flight but can’t fall asleep at all during a 9-hour flight. On flights this long you can get a fluid build up in your legs and that is not fun. I recommend walking around the cabin a few times. It may look weird but if you’ve ever experienced a leg cramp then trust me its worth it. Also, do not eat a heavy meal before a long flight. An airplane is the last place you want to be with a stomach ache. If you think you’re going to get hungry bring a snack. Stay hydrated! Drink enough water to last the flight, I understand that plane bathrooms are nasty but its better safe than sorry!


  1. There’s a crying baby on the plane.

This is the worst. I’ve been on flights were babies cried for the entire flight. I’m not even exaggerating. Three hours with a crying baby is the best birth control you could ever get. If this happens just put in a pair of headphones and try to relax. Remember this could be your kid one day. If you forgot headphones just ask the flight attendant for some ear buds.


  1. You have anxiety.

Many of us feel anxious while flying. Its totally normal. Flying isn’t what causes my anxiety but the idea of not finding my gate and the potential to lose my luggage does. My advice to calm your nerves in any situation is to take some deep breaths and listen to some relaxing music. My go to playlist is classical piano. It really helps take the edge off any situation and gives me a few minutes of peace. You can always talk to a friend; I would always text my best friend before my flight and she would reassure me of any concerns I would have.

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I am currently a sophomore at the College of Charleston. I am majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Political Science. At CofC I am on the crew team, a member of Sigma Kappa and on the HerCampus team. I am originally from Fenwick Island, DE but now live in Charleston full time. My favorite things to do in my spare time are to go shopping or to go for a run!
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