How to Survive all the Seasons in One Week

Charleston is well known for its heat waves and heavy rains, but people often forget that it does get cold, and often. However, spring in Charleston runs through the highs and the lows and fluctuates constantly throughout the week. Personally, whenever the weather hits the 70’s one day during the week, I pull out all my shorts and t-shirts and shove away my sweatshirts and jeans. The problem with this is that the very next day, I have to pull out my cold-weather clothes again because the temperature has dropped to the 40’s or even the 30’s.

I have come up with a system to perfectly combat this problem Charleston students face every week, and here are my tips:

1. Never get your hopes up

As aforementioned, I have gotten very excited every time the weather gets nice. This leads to bad decisions, like mostly packing away coats and heavier items that I will end up needing later. This has caused me to organize my closet many times when it really has not been necessary to do so.

2. Have an outfit prepared for anything

I, personally, try to pick out my outfits the night before, so I can wake up later, and not have to stress about what I’m going to wear while I’m rushing for class. With the weather shifting so much, I have found that sometimes the outfits I pick the night before are not compatible with the weather at all. So, to combat this, I usually will put together a warmer outfit and a cooler outfit, and after checking the weather, wear the one more appropriate.

3. Make plans, but be prepared to raincheck -- literally

I’m one to constantly keep myself busy, so I’m always making plans to get dinner, go shopping, or study with friends. But with how often it rains in Charleston, it is sometimes just impossible to leave the dorm to go out. I’ve had to accept that and learn how to reschedule for these plans. It can be frustrating and quite annoying, but trekking across campus in the pouring rain to get coffee with a friend sometimes just isn’t worth it.