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How Strangers Turned into my Best Friends

When I came to the College of Charleston, I didn’t know a soul. To try and kickstart the solution to this problem, and among other reasons, I decided to go through recruitment and join a sorority. I am so glad I did because I got two of the best people in my life from it. Interestingly enough, I met one through her eavesdropping on a conversation of mine and the other through a “blind date”, for lack of a better word, or set up through a mutual friend.

Outside of Greek life though I still didn’t really know anyone. I was randomly assigned to my roommates and was still too shy to talk in class. Don’t worry, that’s long gone now. However, when hurrication rolled around in September, it was too much trouble to hike back to Mississippi, so I stayed with one of my suite mates for the week. By this point, I would say we were friends. Fast forward to the present: we lived together, hung out all the time, and still haven’t gotten annoyed with each other yet. 

I can honestly say I understand now why they say the friends you make in college are the ones you have for life. These amazing girls have been there throughout all my breakdowns, listen to all my pointless stories, and, most importantly, have made me a better person. I now that we will keep building each other up and that they aren’t getting rid of me anytime soon.  

We all need those people in our lives that we can go to with anything and everything and know that they’re going to be there. I somehow got lucky enough to meet a few great ones that I couldn’t live without. We are all products of what we surround ourselves with, and I wouldn’t be who I am now without them. 

To my best friends: I love all of you, miss you very much, and am thankful for you every day. 

Ava Lubin

C of C '23

Hey! I'm Ava. I'm from Cleveland, Mississippi, and I'm a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Italian Studies. I love being with friends, going to concerts, and travelling!
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