How to Save Big on Denim

What’s the trend in denim? Well, that’s somewhat a trick question. From mom jeans to high waisted, to sequence stars on the pocket, to bell-bottoms, it is safe to say that denim is timeless. A basic necessity, yet a staple point in every woman’s closet. 

Funny because even as a broke college girl, with a love for fashion, I found myself still putting all my coins towards a unique pair of denim. Once I realized the amount of money (that I didn't necessarily have) went towards new jeans, I became a smarter shopper. Here are multiple ways to help your wallet while improving your denim collection: 

Give a Pair to Receive a Pair: 

For a while now, one of my favorite denim brands has been Madewell. With jeans ranging from $125-$200, I just could never get myself to drop that much on a fresh pair. After scrambling through their clearance rack, I came across a sign which said I could bring in any pre-loved denim, to receive $20 off a new pair. Once again, as a college student, not yet knowing how to do laundry, I luckily had quite a few pairs in my dorm that I had shrunk. After turning in my old jean shorts, and jackets, I was informed that my old threads where then being used to insulate Habitat for Humanity Houses. 

Thrift Stores: 

I honestly have the best luck at thrift stores for any style, or brand of jeans. Often never marked over $25 thrift stores have racks of others beloved shades of denim. Not only have thrift stores allowed me to stalk up on affordable pairs of Levi’s, but it also helps the planet by being more sustainable and conscious of what we are throwing away.

Add Your Own Flair:

A fun and inexpensive way to personalize your denim collection is by adding your own flair. Today we see star embroidered jean jackets and high waisted pants being sold for almost twice as much as a basic pair. Nevertheless, we are often capable of creating these styles on our own. Grab an old t-shirt and start cutting away stars, to sew on anywhere on a pair of new or used denim. (Once I began doing my own patchwork on denim, people told me they would pay good money for my hey give it a shot!)