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How to Perfectly Curate your Ear

I have an addiction to getting ear piercings. This, in totality, is based upon my love for shiny jewelry. I currently have eight ear piercings, with four on each ear. I feel as though I have mapped out my ear, and picked the best piercings to fit my anatomy by myself. However, I am always looking for my next piercing and would love to promote this style of body decoration. So, here are some unique piercings to inspire you to curate your own ear:


The Daith

Better known as “the migraine piercing,” the daith is located on an acupuncture point, known to ease migraines. This isn’t scientifically proven fully yet, but many people who suffer from chronic migraines choose to get this piercing and see incredible results. So, this may just be a really interesting piercing location, but it also could help people.

The Rook

This one is by far, one of my favorite piercings, that I personally have. It is quite unique, and not that many people have one. Tucked on the inside of the ear, the rook piercing can easily be made into a minimalist piece, by changing the jewelry into a mini hoop, once fully healed. It was not too painful to get and has been one of the easiest piercings to heal, for me.

Triple Forward Helix

The triple forward helix piercing is very interesting. Whilst this can be a single forward helix or a double forward helix, many people opt to go for the three, due to the perfect spacing on the forward helix. However, if you are going to attempt to get three piercings at once (especially on the same ear), then good luck! You won’t be sleeping on that side, for a long while.

The Conch

This piercing has intrigued me for a long while. I have always considered getting it, but I haven’t yet bitten the bullet to get it. It is quite a simplistic piercing and can either have a hoop, or a stud placed into it.

The Snug

The snug piercing requires very specific anatomy to obtain, and many people cannot get this piercing. However, if you do have the ability to get the snug piercing, you totally should! It is very unique, and would easily make your ear stand out.

Use this guide to strategically lay out your next move!

Mallory Berry is an English major at the College of Charleston with a concentration in writing, rhetoric, and publication. When not at random coffee shops doing homework, she can be found either binge-watching shows on Netflix or exploring Charleston.
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