How I Get My Life Together Every Sunday

One day of the week that I especially look forward to is Sunday. Although I consider Sunday to be an indulgent day of rest and self care, it is also the day that I spend prepping for the upcoming week. I find that when I plan ahead and get things together before Monday arrives, I am more productive and excited to start my week.

To start off the day, I'll usually treat myself to a coffee at Caviar and Bananas or Starbucks. Once I'm more awake and alive, I'll put some music on and light some candles. Then, I begin getting my life together! One thing I always make sure to do on Sundays is a deep clean. You’d be surprised how much dust collects in my tiny apartment in just one week! I do everything from dusting, vacuuming and mopping, to scrubbing the shower and cleaning the sinks. I also do all my laundry on Sundays and clean my sheets. Clean sheets = best feeling ever.

After my space is nice and clean, I'll take out my planner and start to look at the week ahead. I'll make note of any upcoming tests, assignments, and other due dates. I will also get any homework done during this time if I have anything due on Monday. I’ll use this time to plan out my meals for the week too. Since I am an off-campus student and don’t use a meal plan, meal prepping is essential for me. And because I am planning my meals, I usually go to the grocery store on Sundays as well. This helps me stay on track with my budget and ensures I won't have to run to the store mid-week, when things are more busy for me.

Once I have completed any homework and have written out my schedule for the week, I spend the rest of the night relaxing and practicing self-care. Usually this includes taking a bath and reading a book or watching one of my favorite shows on Netflix. A face mask is always a nice touch as well.

I’ve found that designating one day per week to getting all my stuff together really helps me to stay organized and hold myself accountable. When I don’t do this, I always feel off and less prepared. I hope you have found some inspiration from my routine!