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How Fall Break Can Become a Stay-cation

For someone who lives 9 hours away by car, I choose to save my visits home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Luckily, I live in Charleston and can have my own fun in my college town. That being said, here are some ways to make staying in Charleston a staycation! 

1. Go rooftop-ing

I’m a huge fan of the rooftops in Charleston. They have the best views, foods, drinks, and overall vibes. Everyone is happy when atop a roof, as they rightfully should be! Since you’re not spending money on flights to go home, splurge a little and go somewhere a little nicer than Dominos (a personal go-to for me during the school year, we don’t judge). There are countless rooftops in Charleston, so if you visit one and don’t enjoy it just hop to the next one!

Carolyn Martin

2. Go to the beach

Although it is fall break, we’re in the south where good weather is a given. Take a trip to the beach with someone you normally don’t get to see during the school week. Have a day there, visit the local beach shops, or read a book you normally wouldn’t have time to read. The world is your oyster at the beach, all puns aside, and it’s almost impossible to have a bad day frolicking in the waves.  

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3. Catch up on life

Every school semester is stressful. Some people use breaks to see family and friends, others use it to gain sanity. There is no shame in using breaks to study, read, and clean. If anything it is cleansing for the soul! That way when the school year starts back up again, and I hate to remind everyone of the upcoming finals lurking in our near futures, you’ll feel confident in your own success and feel proactive.

4. Be a couch potato

While some enjoy running marathons, I myself like Netflix marathons. No shame in staying in and getting hooked on a new show, especially if it’s raining out. There’s so much out there to see, not to mention watching the Capitals playing hockey (NHL champs *cough *cough). I love rainy weather because it’s a completely verified excuse to stay in a robe with some hot chocolate and be lazy. If you feel like being productive at the same time, erase irrelevant emails or update your LinkedIn. That way you get the best of both worlds! 

5. Be a tourist 

See what the hype is, go out and explore! That way you can be a great tour guide when a friend or family member comes for a visit. Also, you can never know too much about the city you live in. Go on a tour, pull a Ferris Bueller and visit a museum, take a trip to one of the many churches in Charleston. No trip is too small, go be a wanderer.


Picture: Taken by Carolyn Martin

I hope you all enjoy your fall break and remember it doesn’t have to be a vacation to take part in these activities. Anyone of these can make a weekday that much better! Keep exploring so when you look back on your Charleston experience, you know you made it the most it could be. Also, keep these options in mind if you decide to make Thanksgiving a stay-cation as well!

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