Healthy Beauty Isn't a Scam

Hello ladies, I’m back with my struggles with my self care routine, so you don’t have to.

I’ve discussed skincare, using crystals, and this time we are moving onto hair. My hair and I have been on a long journey this year. Almost a year ago, I colored my hair rose gold from the box (which, might I say, went pretty well). Then I lightened my hair professionally over the summer to get it closer to the blonde reminiscent of my youth, followed by coloring it a “dusty mauve” (light purple color) this fall. Which paired very well with my Tinker Bell Halloween costume, btw.

So, to say the least, my hair hasn’t been down the healthiest path lately. I noticed that my natural curly/wavy hair was losing some of its shape and my hair doesn't feel as soft as it used to. So, after some research, I decided I needed to redo my haircare routine. I started this by going to the nearest salon supply as soon as possible.  

To begin, I asked for assistance in finding a good clarifying shampoo. The clarifying shampoo is good for getting rid of built-up products, chemicals, or any kind of deposits on your strands that don’t belong. The first time, I did a wash/rinse/repeat of the clarifying shampoo (for a total of two washes) to deep clean my hair. Immediately after this initial wash, my hair felt lighter. I now do this once a week to prevent product build-up. I followed it up with a salon-quality, color-safe conditioner and some bomb leave-in conditioners. I've been using a Protein Cocktail Leave-In Treatment by Beyond the Zone that makes my hair super soft and protects it on days that I apply heat. On days when I know I’ll be leaving my hair down and wavy with no heat, I’ll spray it with another leave-in conditioner by Shea Moisture that helps define my waves and reduces frizz.  

The products that I'm using now are all salon-quality, some being as organic as possible. I’ve started to research the ingredients in my beauty routine, and if a product has a harmful ingredient (dyes, parabens, etc.), I avoid it. For me, this isn’t all about following the latest clean beauty trend-- which by the way, is a great trend for both your body and the environment-- it’s also about trying to have the healthiest hair I can as I try to grow it out (...I’m pretty sure I want to grow it out for real this time). After using this hair-care routine for about a month, my hair is not just lighter and softer than it’s ever been, but when I wear it down and natural, the curls/waves look better than they ever have. 

I highly recommend doing a little more research into your beauty routine for such a high pay off.