HC Chapters By The Sea

HC By the Sea is celebrating the oceans that we all love! All throughout this month, multiple chapters by the beach partnered up to make a difference. Check out the hashtag #HCbythesea to see our adventures and how you can make a difference all throughout this summer!


University of West Florida (Pensacola Beach)

UWF held a photo shoot on their beach, showing us how beautiful it is!  HCXO #HCUWF




University of South Florida St. Petersburg

This collegiette chapter decided to help clean up their beautiful beach by picking up trash! Litter on the beaches can cause many problems for sea life as well as take away from the beauty of our beaches. Follow their lead and pick up any trash you see next time you are on the beach!


But first let me take a shell-fie!!!  



College of Charleston, Folly Beach and Isle of Palms

These CofC collegiettes made friends on land and sea!