Hannah Charney '15

Class: 2015

Major: Communications

Minor: Dance & Spanish

Hometown: Hampton, NH


How’s your senior year going so far? Are you excited? What do you think will be your favorite class?

Senior year is so bittersweet but it has been great so far! I am obsessed with my capstone class already. It’s called Wired & Inspired with Dr. Ferrara and it’s all about realizing what you’re capable of and making things happen. We created a bucket list as a class that includes things like skydiving, traveling to Asia, and meeting a celeb, so hopefully we’ll be able to cross some of them off throughout the year!


What made you choose Charleston for school all those years ago?

I knew I had to be in a city and be close to the beach so College of Charleston fit the bill perfectly! When I visited, I immediately fell in love with the scenery and couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was.


What was it like studying abroad in Spain this past summer?

It was incredible and such a cool experience! I got to travel to eight different cities in Spain, as well as Paris and Tangier, Morocco, and I improved my Spanish a lot by staying with a host family and conversing with locals.


What was the most memorable moment of your trip?

The most memorable moment was probably traveling to Morocco. My friend and I took a day trip by bus and ferry from southern Spain, went on a guided tour of the city, and ate at a local restaurant. We accidentally ate camel meat, held a giant snake, and browsed through gorgeous markets. Plus, we got to say we skipped class and went to Africa for the day!


How many classes did you take? What were they?

I took two classes: Advanced Spanish Language and Spanish History and Culture. My two professors were married and were so funny. One day we all skipped class and went to the beach with them instead!


What were your living arrangements like while abroad?

My roommate and I stayed with a woman named Puri and her daughter, Alicia. They only spoke Spanish and were really sweet, but they fed us way too much! And we thought America had big portions…


How does it feel to be back in the states after a summer in Europe?

I missed my friends and family, so it’s nice to be back, but I definitely want to see more of Europe. I’m hoping to be able to go backpacking someday.


Do you have any big plans for your last year of undergrad?

In addition to the bucket list we made for my class, my roommates and I made one too. There are so many restaurants we want to try and festivals we want to go to like Mardi Gras in New Orleans and St. Paddy’s day in Savannah.


What would you ideally like to do after graduation?

My dream is to get a job dancing and performing on a cruise ship. That way I could combine my love of dance with my desire to travel!


Do you think you’ll make your way back to Spain to visit again someday?

Definitely!! Each region of Spain is so unique and there is so much to see. Someday I also want to be fluent in Spanish.