Halloween is For Tricks & Treats

Halloween is a pretty popular holiday for many reasons, the main one being because it allows people to wear whatever they want or become whomever they want. Halloween gives people the freedom to be who they truly are, be someone else, or to just step out of their comfort zone. People definitely take advantage of the opportunity to be someone or something else or to have the confidence they wish they had every day. Overall, Halloween is a great excuse for people to step out of the norm and express themselves in ways that aren’t socially accepted on a daily basis. And I know people say, “you shouldn’t care what people think” or “who cares about what is socially acceptable”, everyone cares whether they act like it or not. If you saw a guy wearing cat ears and a tail in the middle of June, you would think differently of him, that is just how society is.

Halloween is full of opportunities for people to be themselves and we should NOT judge them for it. What someone else wears does not affect us in any way, therefore we should have nothing to say. The moment when, what someone else is wearing, starts to affect us in some way, then go ahead and say something but until then, we should keep your negative opinions to yourself.

I am well aware that on Halloween, some people may tend to dress a little more promiscuous than usual but that is their choice. Men wear what they want just as women do, but women are more harshly judged for their costumes. Yes, worry about the girl whose skirt you think is a little too short, or the girl whose top you think shows too much but don’t say anything. If she has the confidence to wear it then let her, just as you do the man whose underwear you can see because he cut his jorts too short. Adults, male or female, can make her own decisions and just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t make their decisions wrong or bad.

Women are judged so harshly in the public eye on a daily basis and rarely have the opportunity to do what they want without being judged. If you have an ugly opinion, keep it to yourself. We should be uplifting each other, not tearing each other down. It is his/her body; therefore, it is his/her rules. He/she can dress as promiscuously or as modest as they choose because they are in charge of themselves.  What a woman wears, especially on Halloween, is not a reason to assume things about her or judge her personally. Just as what a man wears, especially on Halloween, is not a reason to assume things about him or judge him personally. 

We may not all agree on what people should wear, or what they look good in, and as a society, we should definitely judge less but it isn’t that realistic to think that everyone will stop judging one another. However, for this one night or even the week surrounding it, just remember that what someone else wears has no effect on you and it doesn’t hurt you in any way. So, let the girl wear her cat costume and let the guy wear his princess costume, and just don’t say anything negative, because it is unnecessary and not beneficial in any way.