Habits to Pick Up in Your 20's

Ah your 20’s, claimed to be the most exciting years of your life. A time for experimentation, parties, and freedom, but for anyone who is living through it - it is also insanely stressful. And the worst part about your 20’s is, it matters. A lot.

Establishing good habits early on, is crucial for setting yourself up for success later in life. These habits to pick up will help you lead a more productive life. 

Invest in self knowledge - Ask questions - Read books

  • Start going to class with a purpose to take something away from it when you leave. Not a lot of people get the opportunity of a higher education, start taking advantage of it. Ask questions in class when you are unsure. Learn to put your phone down and pick up an inspiring book.

  • Elon Musk and Warren Buffet are big advocates of reading. Start reading books on subjects that inspire you, over the years you will gain more knowledge about topics that aren't necessarily covered in class. Use knowledge as a competitive advantage to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Distance yourself from negativity - Stop making excuses

  • Distance yourself from all types of negativity. Whether it be negative friends, or even negative thoughts inside your head. Learn to lead a positive and encouraging life for the sake of your own mental health. The 20’s are the years for discovery and self exploration. Put your dreams first, and cut ties with anyone who is unsupportive in your endeavors. Your dreams are closer than they may seem, so hush that little voice in your head.

Choose your friends wisely

  • The people you choose to surround yourself with are an integral part to your development. Surround yourself with inspiring people, so that you can inspire and encourage each other. Your circle of influence can create and define who you are. Realize when you need to make this change for yourself.

Let go of your ego

  • Dare to question, “why” and “how”. Learn to accept when you are wrong, and learn to be open to different outcomes. The world is a diverse place. Learn to explore different possibilities and varying perspectives. Question why you have the values you do, and where they come from. Stay open to opinions you might not necessarily agree with. Living and paying attention with an open mind and heart, will allow you to greater your knowledge, and further understand yourself and others.

Take care of your mind, body, and spirit

  • The 20’s are commonly known as the peak of your health. Exercise. Get those bodily functions working good and strong. Your future self will thank you for it. In a Quora question about avoiding regrets later on in life, Andrew Solmssen says, “The simplest and most important action you can take is to protect your health. Once its gone its really hard to get back. Most people in their 40s and beyond would trade money for health.”

  • When trying to take care of your mind and spirit, try looking into mindfulness practices. Explore different breathing techniques and meditation exercises to help unload stress from the day. Having a clear mind and heart will allow you the tools to lead a life that is the best version of yourself.

Start saving - Learn time and money management skills

  • Start saving a portion of every paycheck in a savings account. If you work a job, explore the benefits your company offers. Time is on your side during your 20’s. Establishing good saving habits and plans now, will help you breathe a little easier later on in life.

Find balance

  • Your youth is the best time to learn the importance of moderation. Go out for drinks, have fun, but also learn to know your limit. Keep your priorities in line, and try not to procrastinate (i know this is can be insanely hard). Finding balance between school, work, and social life is possible! Not procrastinating on assignments or tasks will help you open up time in your schedule to have fun.

Save romantic relationships for later on in life

  • A lot of the struggles my friends face in their day to day life seem to always result back to a boy. Having a romantic relationship in college, may sound nice in retrospect, but it should not be something you prioritize at this point in your life. We are still discovering who we are! Remember, relationships are composed of two separate wholes. Become and discover your whole self first, before you try to discover someone else.

  • If you are in a romantic relationship, make sure you are living and focusing on the development of your own life first. The two of you should be encouraging each other in your endeavors. If you feel that the relationship you are in brings you stress, drop it. Don’t stick around in an unhappy relationship. You don't need the added stress. Realize when you deserve better. 

  • We are still so young, we have our entire lives to focus on developing a long lasting romantic relationship. Let them happen on their own time.