The Greatness of Flying Alone


Flying is full of hustle bustle. Everyone in the airport is usually in a hurry or running late to get where they want to go. Not everyone loves flying, and believe me in groups or family trips it’s not always my favorite activity either. However, flying is a whole new experience filled with new possibilities when it is executed solo. Let me tell you some of the reasons why I love flying solo.


  1. No one judges you for your airport food

This could be a gross sandwich you brought from home and still love. This could be a fat filled burrito. This could be snacks bought at the last minute that eventually become your dinner. Who cares what your choice of food is, if you are enjoying it you are winning in life. Flying solo includes no judgements on the health content or attractiveness of the food you are craving to chow down on. You be you and enjoy that choice you independently made.

2. You can confidently wear whatever you want

This means you can show up fresh out of bed for that 6 am flight in sweatpants and a high-bun. This means you can be feeling yourself and wear something classy for your travles. Whether you look snazzy or comfy you are wearing what you want. There is no one to compare your outfit to or make you feel like you chose the wrong option. You wanna wear a lot of makeup for that airport selfie, that’s all you. You wanna wear heels for a possible fashionable emergency exit mid-flight, I respect it. If you wanna cover your unwashed hair with a baseball hat, we’ve all been there. You get to wear what you want to fit your mood.

3. The less you travel with the less can go wrong

When I travel, I’m a minimalist. I don’t like checking bags unless entirely necessary, I don’t like missing flights, and I don’t like dealing with the traffic of everything. When traveling with groups or families it is more likely someone will forget something making you leave later than planned. There is a possibility there’s that one person that forgot there’s a liquid more than 3.4 ounces in their carry-on which immediately calls for a full bag search which is always SO FUN. Lastly with more bags in a group it is more likely someone will check their bag causing you to wait after the flight for the bag to be brought out on the spinning conveyor belt, not to mention the bag might be lost in the process of being transported. Overall, the more you fly with the more can go wrong.

4. It’s a breezy experience

Without other people slowing you down, and the help of TSA pre-check, you can make it from your taxi to your gate in record-breaking timing. You go through the metal detector with no metal on you and make sure those liquids are under control in your carry-on and you are good to go.


I love my friends and I love my family, but when it comes to flying I prefer the lone wolf strategy. 


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