The Golden Globes Need-to-Knows

The Golden Globe Awards never fail to start a buzz. Each year viewers across the nation are anxious to see which movies and actors will win, what drama will ensue, who will deliver the best speeches and (most importantly to some) how will the looks be pulled off. Typically we eye out the most intricate, disastrous, classic or avant garde attire. However this year, most viewers kept their eye out for something else, not a style or a certain look, but a color. Black.

    If you missed the Golden Globes, or have not seen news from this event, here’s what you need to know.

Black Attire:

The black attire may have given a timeless feel to the event, but even more than that, it conveyed obvious support for people who have reported abuse. Attendees wore black to fight sexual harassment and fuel the Time’s Up movement. Some also added a “Time’s Up” pin to their ensemble to convey their support to the movement. Along with wearing black, celebrities including Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Amy Poehler, Emma Watson and others brought women’s activists to the ceremony. Strewn throughout the red carpet were quotes from these well known individuals backing up The Times Up initiative and taking a stand for women’s rights in and outside of Hollywood.


Oprah’s Speech:

Oprah Winfrey delivered a speech after receiving the honorary Cecil B. DeMille Award that left the audience in tears and brought them to their feet...three times. After this speech, people are thinking Oprah should be president. This speech was packed, fully effective and perfectly in sync with the overlying theme of the night. Oprah has always been an impressive individual and is very highly praised, even more so after this speech.


E! News:

Debra Messing was not afraid to speak her mind on the Red Carpet. In light of the Time’s Up movement, many topics of conversation were relative. However, Messing publicly addressed the alleged pay inequality with E! Network. Some deemed it to be a shady toss at E! Network, others stood with Messing and the subject of the drama, Catt Sadler. Catt Sadler, former E! News star, quit after discovering her male colleague was receiving double her pay. The recent news of this pay inequality gives women all the more reason to stand together and fight still for equality.

Photo courtesy of Google Images: Golden Globes 2018