Freshman Year Recap: My First Semester

With my very first semester of college just about wrapping up, I thought I would reflect on the experiences, lessons, and memories that these past few months at the College of Charleston have brought me. Half of me cannot believe that the time has passed so quickly while the other half feels like there is no way that it has only been three months since I moved into Berry Hall. There is so much I could talk about so I thought why not take it to Her Campus instead of my journal this time? Hopefully, this can become a tradition of mine that I continue as each semester comes to a close.   

First and foremost, I'm honestly shocked at how homey a tiny dorm room can become. With just a string of bulb lights and a few of my favorite room decorations, I turned my side of the room into a little piece of home away from home. Of course, it helps to be lucky enough to have my best friend as my roommate. The two of us go back and forth from bickering like siblings to being attached at the hip and I would not have it any other way. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through this semester if it weren’t for our late night dance parties and shared snack stash. Along with Sophia, I have the most amazing suitemates that I could not be more grateful to have scored. It was a little nerve wracking to move into such a small space with completely new people, but I was lucky enough to be put in a suite with four girls who would soon become some of my best friends at CofC. I am looking forward to many more dessert runs and movie marathons with my little family next semester. 

As far as my classes go, I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that my coursework this semester was not unbearable or impossible to understand as I had expected before. Of course, it was definitely an adjustment getting used to the size of my workload, but I have learned that time management is the key to success in college. However, I have also learned that I am 100% a stress eater which I never knew before. Unlimited meal swipes at City Bistro has definitely not been helping that situation. All jokes aside, getting to take classes that I am actually interested in has been a major game changer. I have never been so excited about school until college and that is solely due to the fact that I am actually working towards my real goals. After four years of high school and working towards college acceptance, it is so refreshing to now be able to enjoy those years of work and be able to now take courses relevant to what will hopefully be my future career.

Extracurriculars and getting involved on campus were definitely some of the things I was most excited about before coming to C of C. This semester, I joined a few campus organizations that I really enjoy including Alliance for Planet Earth, Vegan Club, and of course, Her Campus. Stepping out of my comfort zone and trying out things on campus has allowed me to discover new interests of mine and meet some of the most genuine people. Not only that, but I also auditioned and made it into the Acabelles, an all-female acapella group on campus. This was one of my biggest goals for my freshman year and it has been a dream getting to be a part of such a talented and lovely group of ladies. Our fall concert was so much fun and it’s one of my fondest memories of this semester.   

Overall, I could not have asked for a better first semester. The College of Charleston is my dream school so I can’t help but feel so lucky when I think about how this time last year I was anxiously awaiting a letter to tell me whether or I not I got in. I am having the time of my life at the most beautiful campus. Honestly, I resist the urge to pinch myself every time I walk past the Cistern Yard. From the beach to the culture to its historic charm, this city has everything to offer and more. There isn’t any other place that I would rather be going to school. This semester has been the best of times and I cannot wait for what is still in store for me as a cougar.